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Steffy Can't Conceive on The Bold and the Beautiful


There is nothing I hate more than the miracle baby on a soap opera.  So of course I cringed when the good doc told Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) she wouldn't be able to conceive another child. It only sets up the inevitable miracle baby in Steffy’s future, which irritates my future self. 

While I liked seeing Katie (Heather Tom) and Steffy find some common ground—as I’m a fan of character growth—I couldn’t help but jump to the conclusion Katie was just chomping at the bit to run to Hope (Kim Matula) and tell her the good news. 

We all know in Logan Land, Steffy being unable to give Liam (Scott Clifton) a child is good news, right?  Of course there is no reason whatsoever for Steffy and Liam to stay together now. God forbid that he actually loves her.  Nope, we’ll surely get more of Hope trying to convince Liam there is nothing holding him to his wife, despite the not one, but two blows they have just suffered.  Stay classy, Hope. 

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Nothing says sexy like a man with a baby and to have both Liam and Bill (Don Diamont) with Will made my knees weak.  You almost forget Bill is a devious man, who sort of cheated on his wife with her sister and is blackmailing some poor girl. 

I’m not sure about this Maya (Karla Mosley) story anymore. I say give up on Rick (Jacob Young) and pounce on Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor). I’m bored to tears with all these broken hearted looks. A Carter/Maya pairing would be hot, not to mention making Maya’s forced break up with Rick a little more believable.

Now what can we do with Caroline (Linsey Godfrey)? Bill’s scheming may be forcing Maya away from Rick, but it isn't causing Rick to want Dollar Bill's niece again. 

Let's not forget about Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and her “situation.”  I’m still struggling with how everyone else’s feelings are supposed to play second fiddle to hers. I suppose that’s just how things are in Logan Land. 

I was proud of Eric (John McCook) when he stood firm and declared he would not allow Brooke to seduce him. I even understood him coming to her rescue at the launch and being a friend to her.  Eric can't allow himself to be played by Brooke again.