General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Patrick tells Sam there's something wrong with Danny, but the tests haven’t been confirmed yet. He says the lab results show Danny has low platelets and a high level of white blood cells, which could indicate leukemia.  


Sam asks about the blood disorder, but Patrick says it doesn’t factor in. Sam is upset she thought it was just a rash. Patrick tells them he needs to do a bone marrow biopsy. Sam agrees. Alexis reassures her they’ll get through this. 

Tracy checks in with Luke. She wants to know if he’s gotten his test results back. He’s busy drinking it up at the MetroCourt and tells her he hasn’t heard.  Ava arrives and joins him.  Luke asks about getting Lauren to sign the document.  Ava says there is a glitch, but claims all is well.  

Monica and AJ discuss the situation with Michael. AJ continues to blame Sonny and Carly for the violence in Michael’s life. Tracy tells AJ she knows what happened and has two sons of her own and would hate for something to happen to them. She’s sorry and promises to do what she can for AJ.  AJ is surprised, but thankful. 

AJ mentions Franco and Monica is surprised to hear he’s entitled to his share of the inheritance. Tracy also reminds them Franco has voting rights at ELQ.  

Kiki apologizes to Michael about eating his groceries and promises to contribute. She says she didn’t tell Morgan about the rape. Michael is relieved  He asks if she made up with her mother. Kiki says she hasn’t.  

Carly’s impatientm since they haven’t heard from Shawn. Morgan arrives and overhears her mention pulling a trigger. Carly deflects. 

Morgan says he wants his mother to back off Kiki, because she’s a nice person.  Carly lists her reasons for being concerned. Morgan says Kiki has her own family issues to deal with.  

He mentions Kiki coming from a rich family who are trying to track her down. Carly promises to back off.  Morgan asks for a new credit card, but Sonny tells him to get a job.  

Connie and Olivia run into Franco at the courthouse. Both women go off on him.  Franco says he’s out on bail and doesn’t mean anyone harm.  Olivia warns him to stay away from Dante and Lulu. 

Connie gets a call from Diane, who tells her the case against her has been thrown out. Thrilled, her first thought is to tell Sonny. Connie quickly remembers she has to stay away from him.  Olivia promises to help her celebrate. 

Ava calls Kiki to prove to Luke everything is fine. Her daughter hangs up on her.  

Luke says Tracy wants the signature, but Ava figures there’s also AJ.  Luke warns her not to get into business with AJ.  After Ava leaves, Luke gets a call. His test results are back. He stays for another drink.  

Michael tries to take a shower, only to find out Kiki used up all the hot water.  The two argue, dressed only in towels. When things get heated, they almost kiss.  

Morgan arrives so the two argue again, until Michael storms off.  Kiki tells Morgan they need to find their own place. He says he has no money and tells her to look up her rich family.  

Franco shows up at the Quartermaine mansion, closely followed by Shawn.  Franco tells them he was granted bail, thanks to Diane. 

Monica orders him to leave her house. Franco goes on about being Alan’s son and Edward’s grandson.  Shawn can’t get a good shot at Franco and leaves. 

AJ and Tracy agree to talk to Franco about the shares.  Ava arrives to discuss, you guessed it, Franco . 

Shawn tells Carly and Sonny he can’t get to Franco while he’s at the Quartermaine mansion.