General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Liz thinks Danny’s at the hospital for his yearly check up.  Alexis tells her about the biopsy.  Liz assures them the symptoms could mean something simpler.  When Alexis heads out to find the doctor, Liz reassures Sam the procedure is safe and Danny won’t feel anything.  Sam’s upset because Danny has already been through a lot.  Liz tells her Danny needs her to be strong and believe all will be fine.  Liz tells Sam to lean on her if she needs to.  Sam admits she misses Jason. 

Franco questions what Ava is doing at the Quartermaine mansion, and the two get into an argument.  AJ and Tracy get confirmation Ava is Lauren’s mother.  Franco warns the Quartermaines that Ava wants a piece of the pie.  Tracy wants Lauren’s shares.  AJ is willing to double whatever Tracy has offered to Ava. Tracy wants the signed proxy.  Franco wants to see his daughter, and Ava declares it will happen over her dead body.  

Spin tells Ellie about answering Brad’s cell phone when Britt called.  Ellie tells him about finding a file on Britt, but she didn’t read it.  Ellie admits feeling badly about looking in Maxie’s file, but Spin points out Britt’s file might prove Brad got the promotion through unconventional means.  

Britt’s annoyed Brad doesn’t remember their earlier phone conversation.  Brad swears they didn’t speak.  Britt wants him to come and take her blood, so they can continue to pretend she has her illness.  When he hangs up, Brad sees a phone call from Britt on his call history. He remembers his encounter with Spinelli.  

Kiki doesn’t want to find out more about her relatives, because she’s still fighting with Ava.  Morgan tells her they need the money to move out on their own.  Michael and Kiki argue some more before she heads out.  Morgan accuses Michael of wanting to hook up with his girlfriend.  The two argue, and Michael tells Morgan he can leave. Morgan apologizes, and admits he really likes Kiki. He was only feeling insecure.  He promises they’ll get their own place soon. 

Sonny takes the hit off of Franco. He has decided they can wait for the perfect opportunity to arise.  Carly still wants him dead, and feels he’ll target their kids.  Shawn gets a call from Alexis about Danny, and Carly claims Franco is behind Danny’s sickness.  Sonny tells Shawn to find out more on Danny, and warns Carly not to do anything.  

Patrick and Danny’s doctor arrive for his procedure.  Patrick assures Sam it’s the best way to get information, and start fighting the disease.  Afterwards, Sam is told to keep an eye on Danny.  Liz heads out with the sample to take to the lab and runs into Ellie, who offers to run the test.  Spin is shocked to see it’s for Danny.  Liz tells him Sam needs his support.  

Sabrina comes home to get ready for her date, and decides she needs to do blood work on Britt.  Britt is hesitant and deflects long enough for Brad to arrive, and take the sample. Brad tells her Spinelli was the one on the phone.  Britt believes there is no evidence, but Brad admits he has a file on her. Britt orders him to get rid of it.  

Franco says Lauren is all grown up, and will just show up one day.  Right on cue, Kiki arrives.  Franco introduces himself.  Kiki thought he was dead.  Ava says he was, and begs Kiki to believe her.  Ava threatens to kill Franco again.  Tracy and AJ introduce themselves, and everyone argues until Kiki tells them to stop.  She’s there for rent some money.  Both AJ and Tracy take over, and welcome her into their home.  

Patrick arrives to pick up Sabrina for their date.  Britt gets him to feel the baby move, but Felix breaks it up and sends them off.  

Shawn calls Sonny and informs him Danny’s illness does not seem connected to Franco.  

Franco tells Ava he wants a relationship with his daughter.  Ava tells him he’ll regret it if he goes near her.  

Carly shows up at the mansion looking for Franco.