Rama Doesn’t Like The Flipside of Open Marriage on One Life to Live



Dorian (Robin Strasser) told David (Tuc Watkins) she wanted to reinvent herself, now that her senate career was over.

Cutter (Josh Kelly) informed Blair (Kassie DePaiva) he thought the power outage was the result of sabotage. Blair didn’t believe him, until Todd (Roger Howarth) said he’d found evidence it had been.

Destiny (Laura Harrier) and Drew ran into Matthew (Robert Gorrie), who tried to apologize. Destiny wasn’t having any of his excuses. 

Mathew invited them for a little coffee and juice. Destiny warned Matthew that the tyke's drink would need a lid, but Matthew said it would be fine. The little bugger promptly spilled his juice on Matthew, which resulted in Matthew swearing. Destiny immediately jumped on Matthew for using such language in front of their son.

Tea (Florencia Lozano) got IM's from Victor (Trevor St. John). He told her he was on the move. Tea sure is one fast typer! 

She rushed to the police department, where Bo (Robert S. Woods) said even if it was really Victor, he might be contacting her under duress.

Todd (Roger Howarth) wanted to spend some time with Hurricane Dani (Kelley Missal). He said he’d do anything, so Dani forced him to get a manicure with her.  Who should appear, but Dorian. Todd asked her if she was there to have her claws professionally done.

Jeffrey (Corbin Bleu) filled Viki (Erika Slezak) in on a tip about the upcoming takedown of several hedge funds. She was shocked to learn one of the funds was Pellegrino.

The episode ended with Snoop Lion showing up at Matthew's door.  Read Thursday’s One Life to Live recap after the jump!


Rama (Shenaz Treasury) wasn't happy about Vimal (Nick Choksi) going on a date with someone else. It was her first night off in week, after all.

Rama was livid when he wanted to put his wedding ring on another finger. Vimal informed his wife he deserves open marriage equality, which only pissed her off more. Vimal let her continue to think he was going through with his date, until the last minute. When he returned, the two ended up making love.

Vimal had a point. He shouldn't have to sit around, watching her going out with other men if he can't see other women!

Snoop gave his “nephew” Matthew some parenting advice. The whole birds and bees topic was hilarious. One Life to Live did such a good job in recasting Matthew.

Watching Mathew call Snoop out was cute. Snoop didn’t pull any punches when he compared Matthew to a deadbeat dad. I had to chuckle when Matthew fell for Snoop’s blunt offer twice.

Nora (Hillary B. Smith) was not happy to discover Bo had made up advertisements to promote her Blog Talk Radio call-in show.

Dorian tried to convince David to let her star in his reality show. He danced like a cat on a hot tin roof to try and avoid letting her get involved.