General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Carly tells Franco she has something for him. She gives Franco the pink pig he sent to Josslyn.  She accuses him of terrorizing her and everyone in her family.  Franco apologizes, and swears he only wanted to hurt Jason. He would have never hurt Joss. Carly warns him to stay away from her children, and leave town.  Franco reiterates he wouldn’t hurt children.  Carly wants him to prove he wants to make amends.  Carly asks Franco to meet her at the hotel, so they can chat.  

Felix wants to know why Britt won’t let Patrick and Sabrina be happy.  Felix accuses Britt of lacking empathy, and wonders how she became this way. Britt names her mad scientist mother, and deranged criminal father as the reason for her current attitude. Felix doesn’t believe the baby is Patrick's, and wants her to prove it by taking a test. Britt refuses to do a DNA test. 

Sabrina and Patrick go on their first date, and Patrick sings her praises.  Sabrina admits she has an ulterior motive for letting Britt live with her.  She feels Britt is faking her illness, and Patrick may not be the baby’s father.  Patrick wanted to give Britt the benefit of the doubt. Sabrina suggests Britt take a paternity test.   The two decide to stop talking about Britt, and head back to his house for an evening alone.   

Olivia and Connie talk about Sonny and Steve.  Olivia has accepted Steve won’t be returning any time soon. She gave him the ring back. Connie wonders if there is already a new man in Olivia’s life.  

Dante tells Sonny that Lulu’s memory has returned.  Sonny is relieved, and offers a toast.  They end up talking about Franco, and his return from the dead.  Dante doesn’t believe Franco is blameless in the Michael situation. Dante thinks Franco paid off the DA to get out on bail.  He tells Sonny that Connie’s case has been dropped, and she’s free. Sonny has a birthday gift for Connie, but doesn’t know what to do with it.  Dante is sure he’ll find a way back to Connie.  

Lulu is thrilled to see Laura back from her honeymoon.  The two discuss her memory. Lulu mentions possibly getting a house, now that the baby is coming.   Lulu ends up burning dinner. She's upset she can’t cook Dante a meal to thank him for waiting for her to get back to herself.  Laura assures her Dante loves her no matter what.  

Shawn comforts Alexis, and she’s grateful he’s in her life.  Shawn promises to be there for her during Danny’s tests.  The two admit they love each other.  Carly calls Shawn, and tells him the hit is back on. She’s currently luring Franco to the Metro Court.  Shawn is surprised, because he thought Sonny wanted to wait.  Carly informs him it was all Sonny’s idea. 

Shawn tells Alexis he has a job to do.  She gets upset, but can’t judge him. She doesn’t want to know what he’s going to do.   Alexis needs Shawn there with her, and Shawn promises to come right back.  

Connie and Olivia are upset when Franco arrives at the Metro Court.  They want him to leave, but Carly tells the ladies she’s meeting with him.  Carly and Franco sit on the terrace, while Shawn gets into position.  

Sonny arrives to give Connie her birthday gift.  Olivia tells him Franco is here with Carly. Sonny heads out to the terrace.  Olivia has a vision of Sonny being shot, and runs out to the terrace. She puts herself between Franco and Sonny. Suddenly, Shawn fires the gun.