Could "Sharmine" Work on The Young and the Restless?



Nick (Joshua Morrow) found a letter from the lab waiting for him at home. Summer (Hunter King), Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) and Avery (Jessica Collins) showed up a bit later so they could go to her graduation.

At the Baldwin house, Fen (Max Ehrich) was in a bad mood about his family falling apart. He complained about having to wear a tie to graduation Michael (Christian LeBlanc) told Fen he didn’t care if he wore a t-shirt and jeans to his graduation, as long as he stopped with the gloom. This was a major milestone for their family and he wanted it to be a happy event. How awesome has the Fenmore-Baldwin family drama been? It's the best thing The Young and the Restless has going on by far.

After graduation, Fen opened several car-themed presents. Michael and Lauren ultimately revealed they had bought their son a new car. Fen left for a graduation party, while his parents prepared to go to a marital counseling session.

Jack (Peter Bergman) asked Kyle (Sawyer Hartley) if Summer had wormed her way into his heart. Still not feeling NuKyle.

Sharon (Sharon Case) surprised Noah (Robert Adamson), who was asleep at his new apartment with a model in his arms.  Noah asked Sharon if something was wrong. She admitted she was difficulty keeping things together. Monday’s The Young and the Restless was filled with great family scenes.

Sharon didn’t want to intrude on Summer’s graduation party, so she ended up at On The Boulevard, where Carmine (Marco Dapper) flirted with her. He even whipped out his big deck of cards and showed off his magical skills. 

As a Shadam fan, I'm not sure Sharmine would be my cup of Crimson Lights espresso. It is still called Crimson Lights, isn't it?

Victor (Eric Braeden) surprised Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) with a honeymoon trip to Tuscany. She wondered if he could be away from Newman Enterprises that long, but he assured her Newman was in good hands with Adam (Michael Muhney). Famous last mumbles.