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SPOILERS: A Hit Gone Wrong on General Hospital!


Carly is wanted for questioning… Sonny is less than thrilled.  Who takes the bullet?  Is the hit getting a cover-up job?  One that Dante and Alexis catch wind of?

Have I been living under a rock, or is it just Alexis? Does she really have no clue her man is Sonny’s new right hand man?  She’s not happy with how involved Shawn is with the coffee importer. Does Shawn seem a little too familiar to Nikolas?

Could it be Olivia that takes the bullet?  RUMOR has it she might be at the wrong end of the hit. 

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Kiki is starting to feel a little something for her boyfriend’s brother. Uh oh, you’re gonna be in trouble.  Especially, when you find out he’s your cousin!  Or are they?  What secret is spilling from Kiki’s lips?  Could someone new catch Michael’s eye?

Silas is not backing down from pursuing custody of Rafe.  Sorry Sam, your son may be in the middle of a medical crisis, but I’m still going to sic my lawyer on you.  Will Sam back off of Silas when he helps Danny boy out?  Silas may be the Doc on the case, but whose marrow saves Danny Morgan?

Luke Spencer at the scene of the crime?  What did he not do now?  That’s what Tracy wants to know. 

Mother and Daughter reunited… Laura returns from her honeymoon, and has a happy reunion with Lulu.  Despite their closure, Laura may not be able to help herself when it comes to knowing what is going on with Luke.

Patrick and Sabrina are supposed to hit the sheets… and they better!  Will the Britch get in the way?  Out on the town and breathing a little easier to be away from the knocked up evilness, Sabrina and Patrick head back to his place as their evening winds down.  Does something still thwart the lovebirds?

Re-do? Re-Wind? Is Michael getting behind the wheel after having one too many? 

RANDOM STUFF… Elizabeth breaks her arm.  Wedding Bells ring for Mac and Felicia, as they are surrounded by loved ones.  How many secrets is Ellie going to stumble across?  Sabrina wants Patrick to have a DNA test.  The custody matter is settled.  Are Franco and Jason not twins?  Who’s the Mommy?  Better yet, is anyone a Quartermaine?  Does Sam’s dad know all about her?