General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Olivia ends up taking the bullet meant for Franco. Shawn can't believe what just happened. Carly stands around looking guilty, while Franco calls the paramedics. Sonny tries to stop the bleeding.  Carly claims not to know what happened, but Franco quickly figures someone was trying to kill one of them.  

Emma has a fun time putting makeup on Duke, and asks him to put on a tutu.   Duke tells Anna that Emma reminds him of Robin.  Anna gets the call about the shooting, and heads out.  Duke and Emma dance the tango dressed in tutus.   

Patrick and Sabrina kiss, and share cupcakes for dessert.  Sabrina sees his wedding photo with Robin.  Patrick wants her to spend the night, but Sabrina points out he shared his life with Robin here.  Patrick tells her Robin made him a DVD when she thought she was dying, and told him to find the right person. He wants to be with Sabrina.

Lulu and Dante spend time together until he gets called away for the shooting.  Lulu calls Maxie to come over and eat Chinese with her.  Maxie complains about how huge she’s getting.  Lulu can’t wait to see who the baby looks like.  

AJ visits Liz, and the two discuss Michael.  AJ believes Franco is trying to make amends.  He explains about everyone staying at the house, and his need to get out of there.  Liz tells him Danny is in the hospital, and AJ realizes it reminds her of Jake.   AJ heads off to see Danny.  

Nikolas sits with Alexis while she waits to hear about Danny.  She tells him about Shawn, and how he works for Sonny.  Nik accuses her of following a pattern when it comes to men, but Alexis swears Shawn isn’t like that.  

Anna and Dante get to the scene, and Dante is upset to see his mother is the victim.  Both Sonny and Connie tell him to stay behind and find out who did it, while they go with Olivia to the hospital.  

Carly explains to Anna she was dining with Franco when the shooting happened. She didn’t see the shooter.  Franco admits he saw a glint of light, and points to the window where it came from.

Shawn returns to the hospital, and Alexis introduces him to Nikolas.  Nik heads off to check on Sam, and Alexis wants to know what Shawn’s job was.  Shawn mentions they had an unspoken agreement not to discuss his work for Sonny, but Alexis wants to know now. 

AJ and Nik run into each other.  Nik tells AJ he has the recording of AJ admitting to Tracy he slept with Carly.  He won’t tell Liz.  AJ wants Nik to destroy the tape, or give it to him.  Nik calls the tape his insurance policy. 

Olivia is brought into the hospital and stabilized. She's being prepped for surgery.  Sonny tells Olivia she’s strong, and will get through this.  Connie overhears him say he needs Olivia in his life.  

Anna and Dante check out the room where Shawn shot Olivia. Anna finds a shell casing, and asks Carly for the security footage.   

Carly calls Shawn and asks what happened.  She tells him to find out about Olivia’s condition.  Franco tells Carly he knows who was responsible.