General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Franco accuses Carly of hiring a hitman to kill him, which Carly denies.  Carly mentions she’s not the only one who hates Franco, and suggests it could have been anyone. Franco saw her initial reaction to the shooting, and believes she has Olivia’s blood on her hands.  

Sonny tells Olivia he needs her in his life.  Connie asks who did this, and Sonny promises to find out if he was the intended target.  

Alexis asks whom Shawn was speaking to on the phone. He tells her it was TJ, who is upset about Molly.  He needs to deal with TJ, and heads off. Alexis tells Molly about Danny.  Molly worries he will die, but Alexis swears Danny will beat this.  Molly is not going to prom, and feels Rafe thinks of her as more than a friend.  She tells Alexis that TJ has another date. 

Anna shows Dante the shell casing she found, and tells him to head to the hospital.  She promises they’ll find who did this. 

Patrick and Sabrina head to the bedroom.  She’s nervous, and Patrick wonders if this is her first time.  Sabrina had a previous long time boyfriend, but is glad she left him and met Patrick.  The two make love.

Taylor stops by to show TJ her dress and shoes for the prom.  A pipe bursts in the kitchen, and TJ tries to get a hold of Shawn.  TJ calls Alexis, looking for Shawn. She's surprised Shawn isn’t already with TJ.  The two teens try to fix the leak, and end up getting wet.  Taylor strips down. 

Sonny wants to know what happened to Olivia.  Shawn is sorry, because he swore he’d never hurt another innocent person.  Sonny is shocked to hear Shawn was the shooter, since he told him to stand down.  Shawn informs Sonny that Carly told him the hit was back on, and it was Sonny’s idea.  Sonny didn’t want an innocent to get hurt, and now Olivia is fighting for her life.  Sonny warns Shawn to keep his mouth shut. 

Connie tells Dante what happened, including Olivia's vision. Dante begs his mother to recover, since he and Lulu have a baby on the way.  

Franco threatens to tell Anna his theory, but Carly asks him not to.  Anna tells them Olivia is going into surgery.  Carly tells Anna she hasn’t reached her head of security, despite telling Franco the opposite before.  Anna confirms the shooting happened in the room where Franco saw something.  After Anna leaves, Carly questions why Franco didn’t tell Anna his theory.  He claims he’s trying to make amends, and turning her in wouldn’t do that.  

Anna questions the bus boy. He tells her where Carly and Franco were sitting during their dinner.  

Shawn returns to Alexis.  She asks about TJ, and he lies.  Alexis accuses him of being a liar.  

Sonny reassures Dante that Olivia is a fighter, and will pull through her ordeal. Dante wonders if someone was coming after Sonny.  Anna arrives, and says she believes Franco was the target. She wonders what Sonny knows about the hit.