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Petey Plugs Into Colby’s USB Ports on All My Children

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JR (Ryan Bittle) discovered AJ (Eric Nelsen) and David (Vincent Irizarry) at Jane’s Addiction. JR’s past crimes came up, as did his love for Babe (Alexa Havins).  JR told David he’d watched David’s press conference, and hoped the deal with Petey (Robert Scott Wilson) worked out. It was more than a little ironic for David to be the one talking about no one giving JR second chances, because David is at least on his tenth reputation rehabilitation. After AJ left, JR warned David he knew what he was trying to do with AJ, and wouldn’t let him get away with it.

I was a big fan of Jacob Young’s JR Chandler, but wasn’t overly impressed with Bittle in the role at first. However, the more I see JR trying to connect with AJ, the more I’m warming up to Bittle’s JR.

Colby (Brooke Newton) flirted with Petey (Ryan Scott Wilson) over a meal. She tried running her hand up Petey’s leg, but Petey stopped her. When Petey left the table, Colby intercepted a phone call from Celia (Jordan Lane Price) and pretended to be sharing a moment with Petey.  A little later, David told Colby he thought she could do a whole lot better than the Cortlandt heir. Their waiter came up, and informed them Colby’s credit card had been declined three times. Colby asked for it to be put on her father’s tab, but the waiter refused.  David offered to pay the bill, and then whipped out his checkbook. He asked Colby how much she needed. Colby was suspicious, but David assuaged her concerns. Colby told him $30k would be good.

Dixie (Cady McClain) ran into Billy Clyde Tuggle (Matthew Cowles) and freaked out. She told him not to take a step closer to her, or she’d call the police. When he tried to apologize and stepped closer, Dixie hauled off and slapped Tuggle.

Meanwhile, Zach (Thorsten Kaye), Jesse (Darnell Williams) and Marquez (Paula Garces) continued to investigate Cassandra’s (Saleisha Stowers) kidnapping.  Jesse was not happy with the revelation his prints were on a murder weapon, and worked to prove he was being set up.

Dixie showed up at the police station and told Jesse he needed to arrest Tuggle. Jesse told her the statue of limitations was five years, and there was nothing he could do.

The episode ended with Brooke (Julia Barr) answering the door and discovering a mystery person there.

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Brooke and Dimitri (Michael Nader) caught up over coffee. She offered him a job heading up the Chandler Media division, because of his talent and to help keep an eye on JR.

Cara (Lindsay Hartley) dropped by the Chandler mansion, where JR asked her if there was anything he could do to accelerate his recovery. He asked her if steroids could help him speed up his recovery. Cara told him it would be a very bad idea, considering his history with addiction.

Brooke and Dimitri returned to the Chandler mansion, where Brooke revealed to JR she offered Dimitri a job. The news fed into JR’s insecurities over his inability to succeed and return to Chandler.

Zach was booked and printed at the Pine Valley Police department. Not for nothing, but shouldn’t the PVPD already have his prints on file? Zach’s lawyer got him out on bail, but not without a hitch. He was put in Marquez’s custody, and she promptly handcuffed him to her.

Cassandra’s kidnapper called Jesse furious that Zach had been let out on bail. Jesse said Zach’s freedom was out of his hands.

Petey called Celia to find out why she returned the gifts he’d bought her. She told him not to call her and hung up. Petey started drinking, as Colby snuck into the Cortlandt mansion. Petey found her in his bed, with not much else on than his shirt. Colby quickly started to seduce him. The two ended up having sex. Colby then asked him to explain computers to her, while she gave him a blow job. As long as he kept explaining computers, the longer she stimulated his motherboard. Who knew talking tech could be so sexy? It was a bit racy for a soap, but compared to cable, it was pretty tame.

The episode ended with an unconscious Cassandra being left on the floor of Angie (Debbie Morgan) and Jesse’s home.