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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Dante and Lulu sit and talk to Olivia in the hospital.  Dante mentions the first 24 hours are critical.  Lulu reassures him that his mother is tough, and will get through this. Dante tells her Anna took Sonny into custody, because Franco was the target.  Lulu agrees Sonny had motive, but points out so did a lot of others.  

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Sam catches Silas trying to get information on Danny’s condition, and warns him off.  Silas tells her what the diagnosis will be, and the treatment necessary.  Sam accuses him of not having empathy, and orders him to leave her alone.  Silas tells her to call him when she ends up needing the best care for Danny.  

Carly tries to get information on Olivia, but is stopped by Shawn. He warns her that she won’t play him again.  Shawn accuses her of manipulating him, and informs her Sonny knows the truth.  Shawn had to lie to Alexis, but knows she’ll figure everything out soon enough. However, none of that may matter if Sonny comes after them.  

Anna wants Sonny to tell her about the hit on Franco.  She knows he didn’t pull the trigger, but asks which of his men did.  Anna points out Jason would have been the trigger man, normally, but someone else had to step up in this case.  Sonny claims he didn’t do it, and won’t admit to anything. He begs Anna to be allowed to go check on Olivia.  Sonny wants his lawyer, and accuses Anna of violating his rights.  Anna lets him go, but not before warning him she will get the shooter no matter what.    

Franco runs into Alexis, and talks her ear off. He ends up telling her about Olivia's shooting incident. Alexis is surprised to hear Sonny was arrested.   Franco informs her Sonny was on the terrace, but one of his men must have done it.  Alexis flashes back to her earlier conversation with Shawn. 

Diane wants to talk to Alexis about the custody case.  Alexis tells her Sam won’t be in court, because they’re waiting for Danny’s test results.  Diane agrees to a continuance.   

Sabrina and Patrick wake up together in complete bliss. He gets a call about Danny’s results being in, and heads to the hospital.  

Sonny gets to the hospital in time to overhear Dante say Sonny will pay if he’s responsible for what happened.  Sonny swears on his children’s lives he didn’t have Olivia shot.  Sonny spots Carly and storms off.  Lulu tells Dante to focus on Olivia, and heads out to find a doctor.  

Alexis calls Anna to ask about Sonny, but Anna tells her that he was released.  Alexis asks about the shooter, but Anna refuses to give out anymore information.  

Anna asks Shawn in for questioning.  She asks him to account for his whereabouts when Olivia was shot.  Anna points out Shawn was hired to protect Carly from Franco, and he now works for Sonny.  Anna knows none of Sonny’s men could have taken that shot, except Shawn.   She brings up his dishonorable discharge after the friendly fire incident. She notes it’s a similar incident to what just happened. Anna wants Shawn to confess to his involvement.  Shawn has nothing to say, and Anna warns him not to leave town.  

Sonny tells Carly he told her to stay away, and she went behind his back anyway. Now, Olivia is fighting for her life.  Sonny warns her if Liv dies, so does Carly.  Lulu sees them talking heatedly, and runs back to Olivia’s room.  

Diane asks Silas for a continuance, because of Danny's condition. However, Silas refuses. He wants a ruling today. 

Patrick tells Sam and Alexis he has the results, but wants to wait for Dr. Singh.   Sam begs for an answer, and Patrick admits Danny has Leukemia. Now, they need to discuss treatment.  Sam lists all the things Silas already told her. 

Franco runs into Carly and Sonny, and says he’s there to see Olivia.  Sonny warns him to stay away.  Franco mentions they already tried to kill him, but his lips are sealed for now.