General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Molly wonders if her mother knows who shot Olivia. The young teen knows Sonny deals with his enemies in a certain way. Rafe shows up, only to be told there is no prom. Alexis gets a call from the judge, who informs her Silas was granted custody of Rafe. Molly and Rafe are shocked to hear Rafe will leave tomorrow.  Molly wants to appeal the case, but Alexis says they have to abide by the judge’s decision.  

TJ tells Shawn the prom was cancelled, because of the shooting at the Metro Court.  Shawn tells him about Danny being sick, and TJ decides he should check in on Molly.  Taylor arrives, dressed for the prom. She's upset to hear there isn’t going to be one, but manages to convince TJ to take her out somewhere special.  TJ asks Shawn to check up on Molly.    

Tracy finds Luke helping himself to some Metro Court alcohol, and asks about his test results.  Luke didn’t find out, and Tracy wonders if he has a death wish.  Luke badmouths the medical industry.  He stops Tracy from calling his doctor, and she accuses him of being a coward.  After she’s gone, Luke places a call to the doctor.  

Kiki calls Morgan from the mansion, and tells him that she’s moving in.  She tells him to pack up his stuff to move in, as well. Kiki will send someone to pick him up.  

Michael and AJ discuss Franco and his shares, which control more than Lauren’s.  AJ wants Michael to get close to Lauren to try to convince her to side with them.  Michael promises to head over to the mansion and talk to her.  

Alice tries to prevent Franco from entering the Quartermaine mansion, but he claims it’s his family home now. He ends up pushing his way in. Franco is thrilled to see Kiki.  Kiki asks Alice to pick up Morgan.  Kiki wants nothing to do with Franco, but he wants a connection with her.  Franco explains his anger towards Jason, but assures her the evil in him died when Jason did.

Morgan uses Michael’s credit card for some online gambling.  When Michael gets home, Morgan tells him he’s moving in with Kiki’s family.  Michael tells him that he needs to make friends with Lauren in order to help AJ.  

Alice picks up Morgan, who recognizes her as a wrestler, but not as the Quartermaine maid.  When Morgan gets to the mansion, he realizes where he is.  

AJ interrupts Franco and Kiki, and she runs off. Franco is not pleased with AJ. Tracy arrives, and tells Franco to side with her to get back at AJ.  

An upset Kiki returns to the apartment.  She tells Michael she can’t live at the mansion, because of her father.  The two hug. 

Shawn checks in on Molly.  Alexis accuses him of being the person who tried to kill Franco.