Marlena Gives John the Brush Off on Days of Our Lives


Sami (Alison Sweeney) shooting the cop made the front page of the paper, as everyone in Salem dealt with the aftermath.  Marlena (Deidre Hall) went to Eric (Greg Vaughan) to talk about Sami. He offered to cancel his trip to be there for his mother and sister. However, Marlena insisted he go on his trip.

Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) updated the media about the shooting at the hospital. A reporter planted by Anne (Meredith Scott Lynn) put Jennifer on the spot about trying to protect Sami and her family. When the situation started to get out of control, Jennifer reined it in and took the reporters to her office. When she asked the planted reporter who he worked for, he answered he was a freelancer. Later, Daniel offered Jennifer his place as an escape to get work done away from distractions.

Nicole (Arianne Zucker) dropped by the Kiriakis mansion to visit Brady (Eric Martsolf), and found out what happened with Sami.

Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) packed his bag to get the hell out of Salem. I wonder if he’ll be flying Touch the Skies Airlines? Kristen (Eileen Davidson) toyed with her father, and then tried to convince him she’d moved on from Brady. 

Marlena went to the DiMera mansion to pick up her grandkids and ran into Kristen. The two sparred, and Marlena declared she’d won. After Marlena left, Kristen vowed the war had just started.

Abby (Kate Mansi) called out JJ (Casey Moss) for skipping summer school. He denied it by saying he only received the syllabus. Abby didn’t believe him, but she wasn’t going to get involved in her brother’s mess.

JJ went to Daniel’s house, and apologized to him for what happened with Parker. Jennifer overheard him, and was happy.  However, she quickly realized Daniel still thought JJ had messed with his car.

John (Drake Hogestyn) bumped into Marlena and offered to help her, because nothing was more important than family. Marlena told him if he wanted to help, he needed to stay away. Then, she swept off.