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SPOILERS: Are Things Over For Billy and Victoria On The Young and the Restless?


Billy/Victoria: Villy fans, things are about to get worse for your favorite duo. Victoria jumps to conclusions when she spies Billy and Chloe having a tender moment. Victoria is not amused at what she sees, and automatically thinks the worst of her hubby. She’s completely unaware Billy and Chloe are discussing his gambling addiction. Later, Billy confides in his mother about his marriage. Jill convinces her youngest son not to throw his marriage away, and fight for it.

Nick/Avery: Add another person to the mix of not feeling these two being together: Sharon! Nick’s ex is not thrilled about their relationship.

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Dylan/Chelsea: The lovebirds start planning their upcoming nuptials. Meanwhile, Dylan’s old army buddy Stitch hits Genoa City. Look for a new side of Dylan to emerge once his friend is around

Michael/Lauren: The Baldwin’s fight hard to repair their marriage, as news of their breakup spreads. Chloe discovers Lauren was two-timing Michael with Carmine, and gives her sister-in-law a piece of her mind. Lauren flips the script and lets the fashionista know she’s no angel after the stunts she’s pulled.

Later, Michael grills Fen on what’s happening with him, since his behavior is off. An irate Fen rips into Michael, and accuses him of not having faith in him. Michael soothes Fen’s rage by promising to stay with his mother, which Lauren overhears. Lauren is ecstatic upon hearing Michael’s confession to Fen, but is it a bit premature? Later, Jill learns about Lauren’s marriage falling apart, and is worried about her baby sister. 

Fen: Is the son becoming more like the father?

Tyler/Abby: The two go on a date, and hit things off. Just what will Lily think about this development?