General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Alexis asks Shawn if he’s the one who shot Olivia. She thinks he took Jason’s place in Sonny’s organization.  Shawn reminds Alexis she never wanted to know what his job was.  Alexis tries to put the pieces together, and realizes Shawn went to the ER that night to check on Olivia due to an overwhelming case of guilt.

Shawn claims a lot of people wanted Franco dead, including her. However, Alexis assures him that she doesn’t kill her enemies, but Sonny does.  She insists Shawn give her an answer about Olivia. Shawn caves, and shouts he tried to kill Franco but accidentally shot Olivia instead.  Alexis wonders how it feels to shoot the wrong person, and if he thought of what would happen to TJ.  Shawn is upset he hit the wrong person, just like when he accidentally killed TJ’s father.  

Alexis is upset, because so many people depend on Shawn. Shawn tells Alexis that’s why he did it.  He made a judgment call, and was fine with killing Franco.  Alexis reminds him Olivia may die, and asks how he’ll be able to live with that.  Shawn’s hoping for a miracle, and wonders what Alexis will do with this knowledge now.  

Morgan recognizes the house as the Quartermaine mansion, and is very confused about why Kiki would live there.  Alice explains Kiki is Franco’s daughter, and a Quartermaine.  Morgan realizes this means Kiki and Michael are cousins, which eases his mind since he walked in on them in towels. Morgan tells Alice he’s Michael’s brother, and she finally recognizes him.  

Kiki tells Michael her father is alive, but is a crazy person who wants a relationship with her. She's not interested in having a connection with him at all. Michael tells her about his similar experience with AJ, and swears he’s a better man now. Michael is glad he got to know his father better.  Kiki figures she should give her father a second chance, and decides to go back to the house.  She thanks Michael, and gives him a hug, which turns into the two of them kissing.  Kiki breaks it off. She's upset she kissed her boyfriend’s brother, and storms off. 

Tracy wants Franco to side with her, but AJ quickly explains to his brother about Tracy’s bad deeds with the company.  Tracy points the finger at AJ as a possible suspect in Franco’s shooting, and brings up the incident where AJ shot Alan in the back. AJ vows he’s a changed man, who wanted a relationship with his child. He knows Franco can understand how he felt.

AJ thinks Michael can help the shares race by getting close to Kiki. He thinks having the kids be on the same side could help Kiki get closer to Franco.  He mentions Tracy is offering revenge, while he’s offering redemption.  Franco admits to Tracy all he wants is a relationship with his daughter.  Tracy feels Franco should align with her, and secure ELQ’s future for Kiki.  

Taylor’s not happy when a distracted TJ wants to check up on Molly.  She wonders if they’re back together. TJ explains Molly asked him back, but he’s not with her because of Taylor.  Taylor’s upset she’s a pity date.  She decides to have her own party, and climbs up the sunroof.  

Molly and Rafe spend his last night in the park. He gives her a corsage, and they decide to make the most of their last night and dance together.  Rafe thanks her for being his friend, and asks if he can kiss her.  Taylor spots them from the sunroof, and tells TJ to come up.  He sees them kissing.

Kiki gets back to the mansion and runs into AJ, who wants to talk to her about Michael.  Michael calls and informs his father he's upset because he kissed Morgan's girlfriend.  AJ promises to deal with it, but asks Michael to come over and meet his cousin.

Alice introduces Morgan to Tracy and Franco.  Franco seems quite taken by Morgan.  Kiki comes in, and is surprised Morgan knows the Quartermaines. Morgan says Michael knows them as well.   Michael arrives, and AJ wants him to meet Kiki.    AJ introduces Michael to Kiki, and Morgan points out they’re cousins.