General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Alexis warns Shawn the police will heavily investigate the shooting. Shawn wonders if she plans on turning him in. Shawn tells her that he already met with Anna, and she doesn’t have enough evidence.  Alexis mentions Sonny, and suggests he’ll have Shawn killed. However, Shawn believes Sonny will be more furious with someone else. 

Shawn asks Alexis again if she plans on turning him in, but she admits she can't. If she does, it will lead the police to Sonny.  Shawn accuses Alexis of being a killer as well, and reminds her of the Kiefer incident. Alexis doesn't think Shawn can compare the two, but Shawn thinks differently.

Carly comes home to find Sonny waiting for her with a gun. He reminds her if Olivia dies, so does she.  Carly is sorry, but Sonny is still angry he let her be part of his inner circle. She went behind his back, and now Franco is still alive and knows they were responsible.  Sonny tells her that she messed up Shawn, as well. He warns it's only a matter of time before Alexis figures things out, and Franco uses his knowledge against them.

Lulu and Dante continue to sit vigil at Olivia’s side.  Lulu’s sorry about her treatment of Olivia when she couldn’t remember.  Both say how much they love Olivia, and beg her to pull through.  Dante is determined to find who did this, even if it’s Sonny.  Lulu mentions others wanted Franco dead, and brings up Carly.  She tells Dante about seeing Sonny and Carly in the hall.  Dante wonders if they were involved together. 

Michael is shocked to hear Kiki is actually Lauren, and they are cousins.  Morgan is thrilled to hear his girlfriend and brother are related.   Everyone’s talking, and Franco swears he’s not responsible for the rape, which shocks Morgan.  Michael admits to his brother what happened to him, and Franco’s involvement.  Kiki gets angry Franco was behind the rape. Morgan is upset to learn Kiki knew, and he didn’t.  Morgan wonders why Michael and Kiki are suddenly so close, but Kiki defends Michael. 

Rafe and Molly enjoy their kiss. However, when it’s over, Molly admits she wants to be with TJ.  She’s upset TJ seems so interested in Taylor.  Rafe assures her TJ will be back. The two realize this is the end of their evening, and say their goodbyes.  A tearful Molly walks in on a fighting Shawn and Alexis, and runs off to her room.  

TJ’s angry at seeing the kiss, and Taylor knows what will make him feel better. She leans in for a kiss.  TJ stops it, but Taylor points out Molly has moved on and he needs to as well.  She shows him a condom, and TJ goes for it.  

Sonny stops by to check on Olivia, so Lulu leaves the two men alone.  Sonny tells Dante about the stories from Dante's childhood Olivia would tell him.  Dante asks why he left before, and where he went.  Sonny wonders what Dante is asking, but Dante is determined to capture who did this to his mother.

Lulu goes to Carly to apologize for working with Franco on The Haunted Star.  Carly understands, but Lulu pushes the subject. She wonders how upset Carly must be that Franco is still alive.  Carly sends Lulu out, but not before Lulu assures her Dante will find who did this to Olivia.  

AJ drags Michael out, and mentions him kissing Kiki.  Michael didn’t know they were cousins.  Kiki tells Michael the kiss never happened. 

Franco is intrigued by Morgan. He tells Morgan that Carly and Sonny want Franco dead, but he loves having the upper hand.