General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Sabrina reminds Patrick she wants him to take a paternity test. She explains they already have a sample of Britt’s blood.  Patrick agrees to it, but only if they can bypass Brad. 

Brad catches Ellie and Spin looking for his file on Britt, and tells Ellie she’s fired.  Spin saves Ellie by telling Brad he would have to deal with Monica and an inquiry. Brad quickly backs off.  

Alexis plans a farewell breakfast for Rafe, but Silas shows up early.  Sam is less than thrilled to see him, but admits he was right about Danny’s diagnosis.  She wants Silas to conjure up some compassion, since he doesn’t seem to care about either Danny or Rafe. Lucy arrives to say her goodbyes to Rafe, and is angry to see Silas.

Felix is angry when Taylor returns from the prom in the morning, after spending the night out.  He claims he wants her to be safe.  Taylor doesn’t want to hear it, and threatens to tell their parents his secrets.  After Felix leaves, Britt’s curious about what Taylor has on Felix. However, Taylor refuses to betray her brother.  

Britt asks about the prom, and Taylor tells her they made their own fun by drinking and having sex.  Britt asks about protection, and then warns Taylor she won’t hold onto a guy with sex. The doctor explains her situation with Patrick, and points out she’s been left in the cold with a baby to raise.  Taylor simply wants to have fun. 

Tracy calls Luke a coward, who can’t face his doctor. However, she quickly quiets down when Luke tells her that he made an appointment to get the results, and wants her to accompany him.   

TJ tells Shawn about seeing Rafe and Molly kissing.  Shawn wants TJ to talk to Molly, but TJ isn’t interested. So, Shawn tells him to move on.  TJ admits he and Taylor had sex, but promises they used protection.  Shawn says his the first time should have been with someone he cares about, but TJ reminds him Molly has moved on.  Shawn’s not happy about the drinking, and grounds TJ.

Rafe says his goodbyes to Sam and Danny, who then head to the hospital to start Danny’s treatment.  They run into Spinelli, who offers his help.  Alexis runs into Luke and Tracy, and explains Danny’s condition.  Tracy offers her help, and then covers for Luke when Alexis asks why they’re at the hospital.

Molly gives Rafe a copy of her latest book, and confesses he’s the only one who has seen it.  Lucy accuses Silas of taking Rafe away from his home and family.  Silas leaves with Rafe, as Lucy comforts Molly. 

Patrick and Sabrina ask Ellie for her help with the test.  She asks for Britt’s consent, but agrees to help them because of their mutual dislike of Brad.  

Brad brings Britt the file he has on her, so it can be destroyed.

Molly is surprised when Rafe returns. He informs her Silas dropped him off.  

Silas shows up at the hospital and comes face to face with Sam.