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Pretty Little Liars Recap: “Turn of the Shoe”

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After Mona (Janel Parrish), Aria (Lucy Hale), and Emily (Shay Mitchell) realized A stole the trailer of evidence, A tried to strangle Mona.  Emily and Aria helped her, then they were all nearly run over by A. 

Emily’s shoulder was seriously bruised, which threatened her chances of doing well in the big swim meet.  Emily wanted to impress a recruiter, so she could go to Stanford with Paige.  The nefarious Shana was back, and also gunning for the final spot in the Stanford swimming program. 

Emily raided her family’s medicine cabinet, and popped some pain pills so she could get through the meet.  Due to her mind being a bit hazy, she lost count during the race, and knocked herself out.  Emily didn’t get to finish the race, and ended up having to swing by the emergency room.  Em was also forced to tell a worried Paige that A was still harassing her.   

Tired of being an almost-murder victim, the diminutive Aria decided it was time for a self-defense class.  When she went to see if Holden could teach her some martial arts, she ran into his dreamy instructor, Jake. She ended up setting up a lesson with him instead. 

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After bonding over faux butt kicking, Aria impulsively kissed Jake! She quickly ran away mortified.  Later, Jake went to Aria’s and asked her on a proper date.  They agreed to grab coffee sometime.


Spencer (Troian Bellisario) had a melt down, because she didn’t get into the University of Pennsylvania. It's where every overachiever from her family had gone previously.  Toby was also stressing her out, because he was hiding something from her. 

Eventually, Toby admitted he’d handed the trailer over to A.  He showed Spencer the evidence A gave him, which maybe proved his mom hadn’t willingly committed suicide. 

Mrs. DiLaurentis gave Hanna (Ashley Benson) a parrot Alison had bonded with shortly before she died.  It kept spouting “Alison-isms,” and then the girls realized it was also reciting a phone number.  Was it the contact for Alison’s older mystery man?  The Lairs called, but no one picked up. 

When they went back to record more of what the bird was saying it was gone.  A stole it. 

Also, Hanna realized her mom might have really killed Detective Wilden.  Ashley was acting shady all episode, and it seemed like she was trying to destroy incriminating evidence.  It may prove helpful.  The Rosewood PD brought in special investigators to solve Wilden’s murder.

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