EXCLUSIVE: Winsor Harmon Talks 'Cathedral Canyon' and Teases More Action For Bold and Beautiful's Thorne


Winsor Harmon may not be getting as much airtime as he once did on CBS Daytime's The Bold and the Beautiful, but the ever popular actor hasn't been lounging about during his free time. He's been working on a passion project with a very powerful subject matter — the exploitation of children by polygamist cults.

I recently caught up with Harmon, whose film Cathedral Canyon, recently debuted at the esteemed Jerome Indie Film & Music Festival. The actor, who co-produced and co-directed the film about a real estate developer who stumbles upon an illicit religious group, went into detail about why being a father made him want to tackle a project like this.

Harmon also shared what it was like having his soap opera dad, John McCook star in his film. Was it fun for international TV's Thorne Forrester to play boss man to his "Pop" for a change? Speaking of those woman-sharing fashionistos, Harmon sounds off on why Eric Forrester and his sons love to share women and offers up scoop on more storyline for Thorne.

Daytime Confidential: Congratulations on your film Cathedral Canyon being selected for the Jerome Indie Film & Music Festival! What made you want to tackle such powerful subject matter as underage brides being exploited by polygamist cults?

Winsor Harmon: Thank you. First, it's based on true events and it's political! What actor doesn't wanna tackle that topic?   You know, love is one of the great things two people can share and every person should have that opportunity on their terms. These kids don't have a choice! These cults are robbing them of their childhood, and they run the young boys off from their families so that there's no competition for the elders of their so-called church. We're talking about rape, pure and simple, and it is happening right under our noses and no one is doing a damn thing about it! I'm a father of three amazing kids; I couldn't fathom some church taking them away from me! These offenders are hiding behind the cloth.

DC: In addition to starring in the film, you co-produced and co-directed it. What was it like wearing so many hats on the project?


WH: Well, I kind of was thrown into the directing part, because my director booked another job the day before we started shooting. I co-directed with Paul Davis, the writer. It was amazing to be so involved. I love actors; I love this business; so I was in a dream the whole time. I don't think I slept three hours a night during the whole shoot.

DC: Your character, Ryan McBride is a corrupt businessman trying to go legit, when he stumbles upon the polygamists during a real estate deal. Is Ryan a bit of a modern day Robin Hood?

WH: You could say that. Ryan is a very complex character; he's being pulled in so many directions and it becomes a love story. The purity of the young girl he discovers changes his whole life and belief. In the end, he gives up everything he's ever dreamed of to do what is right. There is a secret in the story as to why he develops a conscience.

DC: A couple of your past and present The Bold and the Beautiful co-stars appear in Cathedral Canyon. Was it fun getting to boss around TV dad, John McCook for a change?

WH: [Laughs] Yes, it was fun and I really abused my power with John! We had a blast doing this. I begged John to be a part of it and it cost me dearly. I mean the private jet and the custom tour bus was way over the top, but you do what you have to do [Laughs]. I gave John the scenes and said, “Do whatever you want. I'll work right off you.” I mean John is one of the last studio actors to be signed by the big studios, the way they use to make stars. You don't tell John what to do, or need to direct him; you just watch him work.

DC: Speaking of McCook, Eric is now dating Taylor—who both Thorne and Ridge loved—and to top it all off, he's fending off advances from Brooke, the ex-wife of both brothers and their father! What is it about those Forrester men and sharing women?

WH: [Laughs] Well, I guess we have good taste, or there is only one woman in Beverly Hills.  But what man doesn't love Brooke?

DC: Why do you think Brooke is the one always forced to wear the scarlet letter on her lingerie? Aren't the boys just as much at fault?

WH: We are all at fault, which is so fun and intriguing about the show. I mean here's a family that is so dysfunctional and yet so powerful, they always seem to come out smelling like a rose.

DC: We constantly see comments from our Daytime Confidential readers and podcast listeners wanting more story for Thorne. Anything coming up that you can share?


WH: I recently had a great meeting with Brad [Bell, showrunner and head writer].  Hopefully we will be seeing a lot more of Thorne in the near future.

DC: The Bold and the Beautiful has said goodbye to some pretty huge stars this year. What has it been like working on the show without Susan Flannery and Ronn Moss?

WH: I don't believe you can ever replace Susan and Ronn. It's weird without them being there, you know? I've been working with these guys for 16 years now; those two are like family, whom I love very much. It's been a great loss to me personally. 

DC: Thorne says he's made his peace with his place is the Forrester Creations legacy. Do you think that's really the case?

WH: I doubt that he has truly made his peace with his current position at Forrester. He’s probably just biding his time until Rick and Thomas screw up the company so much that Eric has no choice but to beg Thorne to get the company back to the success of its heyday. 

DC: B&B has had a lot of ratings success with the soap's young adult set. Are you ready for the soap to SORAS Thorne's daughter, Alexandria?

WH: Yes, I am!  It's something I've wanted for a long time. There are so many story opportunities with this father and daughter. I can see Ally pushing Thorne to take what is rightfully his, with the company and family.  She could also battle with Hope and Steffy.  It could make for a lot of fireworks!