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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Anna drops by the hospital, and Sonny angrily tells her to leave. However, Dante interrupts, and informs his father he asked to speak to Anna.  When Sonny walks away, Anna asks if he’s a suspect.  Dante admits Sonny is a suspect, even though he swears he didn’t do anything. He points out Carly is also on the suspect list, and tells Anna what Lulu saw.  Anna agrees Carly has been behaving oddly, and mentions the dinner with Franco.  Dante wonders who the shooter could have been, and Anna tells him her theory of Shawn taking Jason’s place.   She decides to pay Carly a visit.   

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Silas tells Sam what she and Rafe have is special, and he can’t take Rafe away from her while she’s dealing with Danny.  Sam has a hard time believing his change of heart, and Silas admits Lucy's words resonated with him. Alexis gives Sam the protocol for Danny’s treatment.  Silas thinks there’s a better and easier way to treat Danny. Alexis blows him off, but Sam wants to hear what Silas has to say. She ultimately agrees with Silas' treatment plan.    

Michael runs into Carly, and the two talk about what happened to Olivia.  Carly blames herself, but when Michael questions her. She admits there was an issue with the security in her hotel.  Michael tells his mother Kiki is Lauren Frank. Carly wonders if it’s all a coincidence. He feels bad for Kiki. Michael gets a call about his car, and heads off.   

Morgan catches Kiki looking at a photo of Michael, and pretends to be jealous.  Ava calls, and wants to talk to Kiki. However, the girl wants nothing to do with her mother. Kiki complains all Ava cares about is money, and she wants her mother to protect and not use her.   Morgan and Kiki head down to the lake for a swim.  Kiki brushes off Morgan when he tries to kiss her.  

Rafe doesn’t know how long he gets to stay, but is happy he can.  Lucy is certain she got through to Silas.  Shawn shows up looking for Alexis.  He and Lucy talk about TJ.  Lucy feels he’s a hero to the boy.  Lucy tells Rafe and Molly they need to pray for Danny, and send him positive thoughts and energy.  

Ava meets Duke, who’s surprised when Ava introduces herself as a Jerome.  He wonders if she’s related to Victor or Julian, but Ava claims she doesn’t know them.  Duke tells her they’re all dead, because they were mobsters.  As Ava leaves, Duke is sure their paths will cross again.  

Connie sits vigil at Olivia’s side, and worries her cousin may not wake up.  Sonny assures her Olivia will be fine.  Connie says Olivia is all she has left, but admits she wouldn’t know what to do without Sonny.  Sonny promises to be there for her. 

Olivia wakes up.  Sonny and Connie are thrilled.  Olivia mentioned the blood on Sonny’s shirt, but Sonny informs her it was her own blood.  Dante is also overjoyed, and tells his mother he made promises to God he would find who did this.  

Alexis returns home, and tells everyone Danny’s first session went well, thanks to Silas. Lucy’s glad she could help, and tells Alexis that Shawn came looking for her.  

Michael goes to the mansion to look for Morgan, and finds his laptop. He knows Morgan maxed out his credit card.  Michael heads down to the lake to look for Morgan, and walks in on Kiki changing into her bathing suit. 

Shawn finds Carly, and asks if she’s spoken to Sonny.  Carly tells him Sonny promised to kill her.  Shawn tells her Alexis knows, but won’t do anything due to her conflict of interest.  Shawn is thinking about turning himself in, and Carly becomes angry at the thought. She knows it’s only a matter of time before Anna traces the pieces to her. Like clockwork, Carly turns to see Anna.