SPOILERS: How Far Will Phyllis Go to Keep Kyle and Summer Apart on The Young and the Restless?

Nick/Phyllis/Kyle/Summer/Jack: Red's plot to keep Kyle away from Summer could lead to catastrophe for all involved. Just what will go down on her impromptu business trip with Jack's son?


While in Chi-Town, look for Phyllis to encourage Kyle to flirt with other girls. Meanwhile, she'll be intercepting calls between the unsuspecting-yet-swooning sibs left and right! When nothing else seems to work, will Phyllis do the unthinkable to take Kyle's mind off her daughter?

Victor/Nikki: They arrive back from their honeymoon. Expect Daddy Newman to be thrilled about Billy and Victoria' problems.  Speaking of which...

Billy/Victoria: The Gambler is determined to save his marriage. Will Jill prove an ally? I'm just glad she remembers she actually gave birth to this son and NOT Cane!

Neil/Leslie: The couple is stunned to learn Gus left half his estate to the mysterious Rose. Is she the one targeting the Winters and Michaelsons? Look for Neil to get his Perez Hilton on with a little blogging of his own.

Cane/Lily: The Ashbys kick back for the holiday.

Lauren: The Fenmore heiress hopes for a nice romantic evening with Michael. Will she get her wish?

Shick vs. Navery: With Adam all about Chelsea's uterus these days, Sharon is feeling left out. Usually when that happens she heads straight for first love, Nick. Problem is, he's getting even closer with Avery. Will Sharon continue to support his relationship with the intended next Mrs. Newman?