General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Anna wants to question Carly about the shooting, but Carly is hesitant. She asks about her lawyer.  Anna assures Carly she won’t need a lawyer, and brings her down to the station. 

Dante is told police have found the shooter’s gun.  Dante has it sent down to forensics. When Anna arrives with Carly, Dante wants in on the interview.  Anna worries Carly will lawyer up, if they’re not careful. She eventually allows Dante to sit in on the interview.  

Cam and Spencer have a play date in the park, and Nikolas wants to spend time with Liz.  She agrees, but only if he’ll respect AJ and not make snide remarks. Nik promises to behave, and tells her that he’ll be staying in town for a while because of business.  The kids spray them with water guns, and end up soaking Nikolas’ phone.  Cameron promises to fix it.  When he returns with it, he accidentally plays the recording of AJ telling Tracy about sleeping with Carly.  Liz is shocked. 

AJ tells Duke they need to figure out who’s behind the relish sabotage.  He’s still not sure who would want to taint both relishes.  Duke talks about running into Ava, and her possible connection to the Jerome family of Port Charles’ past.  He feels she’s hiding something.  AJ had her checked out already, but could look deeper.  He tells Duke about Michael kissing Kiki. AJ heads out for his date with Liz. 

Morgan accuses Michael of drooling over Kiki, which Michael denies.  Michael accuses Morgan of stealing his credit card to gamble, which Morgan denies.  Michael admits he saw Morgan’s laptop; Kiki gets upset because Morgan promised to stop gambling.   

Morgan claims he did it so she’d have enough money to move away from Franco.  When Morgan heads out to get the credit card, Michael tells Kiki they need to deal with what happened between them.  

Ava stops by the mansion to speak to AJ, but finds Franco instead.  He talks about wanting time with his daughter, and how AJ wants to make nice.  Ava knows Franco poisoned the relish, and plans to tell AJ.  Franco wants proof.  Ava tells him about her trip to the The Chew, and chat with a producer who mentioned a man in the green room before the relish fiasco.  When she showed the producer his picture, he identified Franco. 

Ava points out the scandal caused the stock prices to go down, which left the company open for a takeover by Franco.  She wants to be part of it.  Morgan overhears Ava tell Franco to cut her in his deal.  

Alexis accuses Sonny of ordering Shawn to do the hit.  She’s especially angry, because Shawn was trying to get his life together.  Sonny informd her it wasn’t him, so she asks who it was. 

Later, Sonny tells Shawn that Alexis thinks he ordered the hit.  Shawn wants him to admit it was Carly, but Sonny’s worried about the boys. He believes as long as Shawn keeps his mouth shut, no one will know. Shawn tells him Anna suspects him, and he feels the need to take responsibility.  He wants to turn himself in. 

Anna asks Carly who had access to the security cameras to shut them off.  Carly tells her security and management has that power, and points the finger at Connie.  Dante angrily shouts she’s responsible for the shooting, and wonders how she’ll be able to look Olivia in the eye. Carly is relieved to hear Olivia is awake.  Dante presses for answers, and Carly immediately asks for her lawyer.  

Shawn goes to the police station, ready to confess his sins. However, Carly drags him away.  Anna tells Dante the gun they found wasn’t the right weapon.