General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Shawn tells Carly he needs to confess to pulling the trigger to cleanse himself of his guilt. He keeps seeing a vision of Olivia getting shot.  Dante storms into the room, and asks where the second gun is.  He explains the shell casing matched the gun they found, but didn’t match the bullet taken from Olivia.  Carly realizes this means Shawn’s gun isn’t the wanted weapon. She points out the police have nothing to connect either of them to the shooting.  

Luke and Tracy are impatiently waiting for his doctor to arrive with the diagnosis.  When the doctor arrives, he tells them there is nothing wrong with Luke’s liver. However, he does have a high level of a toxic substance in his body. The doctor doesn’t know what it is, but it’s serious.  He informs Luke the substance was somehow introduced into his system. 

Lucy’s happy to see Laura and Scotty back in town.  Lucy tells Laura she’s back in Port Charles for good, but needs a purpose. She wants them to resurrect Deception, and return it to its former glory.  Laura asks if Lucy has any money or investors, but Lucy’s confident they can make it work.    Laura agrees. 

Nikolas apologizes to Liz about the recording of AJ’s confession. He admits that it’s true.  Liz wonders how Nik got the recording, and he confesses Tracy sold it to him.  Nik tells her Alexis warned him to keep it to himself. He kept it as insurance against AJ.  Liz takes the phone, and takes off for her date with AJ.  

Kiki tells Michael they can’t be together, because they’re first cousins and she’s Morgan’s girlfriend.  Michael knows they need to find a way to shut off their feelings and forget.  Kiki makes him promise to stay away. 

Ava wants to make a deal with Franco, but he finds Morgan listening at the door.  After some back and forth, Morgan leaves, and Franco wonders how much was heard. Franco accuses Ava of keeping Kiki away from him. She defends her actions by saying he was crazy, and not ready to be a father.  Franco only wants his daughter’s love.  Ava reminds Franco he poisoned people with the relish. She vows to keep his secret, if he brings her in on the deal.  

Franco agrees, but only if Ava will help him get back into Kiki’s good graces.  Ava admits their daughter isn’t speaking to her right now, but swears she won’t let Franco hurt Kiki.  Franco promises he won’t, because he’s changed. He would like to get to know Kiki.  Ava reminds him someone tried to kill him, and could finish the job.  

Shawn realizes he missed Olivia completely, which means the bullet is somewhere on the terrace. They need to find it immediately.  Carly agrees, and realizes someone else took the shot. She's relieved they have nothing to feel guilty about.  

Dante and Anna come to the same conclusion about a second shooter. Neither can figure out who else could have done it, but are determined to find out. 

Morgan gets back to the boathouse in time to see Kiki and Michael shake on their new agreement to stay away from each other.  Kiki lies, and tells Morgan the agreement was about not telling Carson about Morgan’s gambling.  Morgan apologizes to Michael about the credit card. 

AJ worries when he sees Carly at the Metro Court, but she doesn’t care about his issues with Liz.  Liz arrives with Nikolas’ phone, and plays the recording to AJ.

Shawn finds his bullet in the terrace wall.   

Franco claims he knows who tried to kill him, and warns they won’t try again.  Ava flashes to herself taking the shot at Franco.