Did Kristen Just DRUG and RAPE a PRIEST on Days of Our Lives?!


Kristen (Eileen Davidson) and a drugged-out-of-his-mind Eric (Greg Vaughan) were getting hot and heavy, when there was a knock. After everything Kristen did to get Eric into bed, the crafty villainess forgot to shut the door?

Days of Our Lives implied it was Nicole (Arianne Zucker) knocking, but of course it wasn’t.  Eric's first love had the wrong room. The knock Kristen heard was from housekeeping. 

Eric—who had no idea what was going on— was determined to finish the sex act with Kristen. After she finished defrocking the hell out of the priest, two video cameras were revealed to have captured the cardinal sin. 

Nicole confronted the front desk clerk about giving her the wrong room. By the time she arrived at Eric's actual quarters, Kristen had slipped out. Hearing a crash, Nicole forced her way into the room and spotted Eric passed out on the bed.

Sami (Alison Sweeney), EJ (James Scott) and Sonny (Freddie Smith) tried to convince Will (Chandler Massey) not to come clean about shooting EJ. Abe (James Reynolds) popped up at the hospital to ask Will and Sonny questions about the dead detective. In the end, Will didn’t tell Abe the truth.

Will asked Sonny to take Sami out of the room, so he could be alone with EJ. He asked his former "master" about Stefano’s (Joseph Mascolo) involvement in his family's latest crime drama.

EJ warned they had to keep Stefano neutral, at least until Sami was cleared. He then promised the lad he would take care of The Phoenix.

Kate (Lauren Koslow) and Gabi (Camila Banus) got in a fight about Nick (Blake Berris). The cosmetics tycoon couldn't understand why so many people are willing to forgive Nick, after everything he did to Will.

Chad (Casey Deidrick) and Abby (Kate Mansi) did a bunch of yammering and flirting, until Cameron (Nathan Owens) interrupted their moment. Dr. Lap Dance was tired of Abby playing him and Chad against one another.

Will, Gabi and Sonny headed for the new home Sonny set up for them and the baby, which looked an awful lot like Sami and Rafe's (Galen Gering) old apartment.  Three’s Company here we come. Or, will it be Four's a Crowd?