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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Ava wants to know who Franco thinks tried to kill him.  He remembers his conversation with Carly, but decides not to tell Ava about it.  Ava informs Franco she spent Kiki’s whole life protecting her from him. Franco swears he’s changed, and Ava doesn’t need to keep him from his daughter anymore.  

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Shawn is thrilled he and Carly are not responsible for Olivia’s shooting. He promises to tell Sonny the true story. Carly wonders who the second shooter could have been. Nevertheless, she’s glad the target is off their backs.   

AJ’s angry Nikolas could have given Liz the recording.  She admits she heard it by accident, and accuses him of being selfish and self-absorbed.  AJ wants to explain, but doesn't get the chance. Carly walks by, and Liz angrily calls her a slut. Carly is confused, until Liz tells her that she knows about the tryst. 

Carly swears it was a lapse in judgment.  Liz understands they’ll never be friends, but thought they had reached an understanding. Liz wonders why Carly would sleep with the man she was dating.  AJ didn’t cheat, because they were not together at the time. He begs Liz to understand.  

Liz thinks Monica’s behavior at the door that night makes sense now, but questions why AJ didn’t tell her the truth that night.  AJ didn’t want to hurt their chances of getting back together, and wonders if she’s going to dump him again.  Carly swears it will never happen again. She tells Liz that AJ really cares for her, but he's insecure. She also believes he overreacted, as did Liz. AJ begs Liz not to cut him out of her life, but Liz has to think about it.  

Tracy finds Luke at The Haunted Star drowning his sorrows, while trying to figure out a way to fix his health. He receives a gift basket, which contains a DVD.  Tracy thinks it’s from Franco, but it turns out to be from Helena.  Helena reveals if Luke has the DVD, she’s dead and Luke will be soon.  Helena explains while Luke was unconscious on The Haunted Star, she changed his earring for one laced with the toxin. This way, the poison would slowly kill him.  Helena informs Luke there is a way to reverse the process, but he has to figure it out before it's too late.  

Alexis wants Nikolas’ advice about Shawn.  Nik figures out Shawn is Sonny’s new enforcer, and tells Alexis to make a clean break. He warns she’ll end up like Sam, who accepted Jason being a killer. Alexis knows she's not innocent, and brings up Keifer. However, Nikolas reminds Alexis she had no intent to kill him.  They end up talking about Liz, and Alexis is surprised to hear Liz knows about AJ and Carly. She wonders if that clears a path for Nikolas and Liz.  Nikolas didn’t want to win Liz this way, and is uncertain of their future.  

Connie thinks Olivia has feelings for Sonny.  Olivia wonders the same about Connie.  Sonny’s ready to tell them something about the shooting, when Shawn interrupts.  Shawn explains to Sonny he didn’t shoot Olivia, and the police do not have another suspect yet. Sonny tells the women he had nothing to do with the shooting, but promises to deal with whoever did.  

Ava tells Franco he’ll need her help in winning Kiki over. She warns it has to be her way or the highway. Franco wonders how she’ll pull it off. Ava tells Franco they have to pretend to get back together.   Franco’s surprised by her idea, but Ava claims she believes he’s a changed and better man. She knows they can show Kiki he's changed together. The two kiss.  Ava declares they just might be able to sell this to their daughter.