General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Dante discovers Lulu looking at baby stuff online, and worrying about the cost.  He knows they’ll receive plenty from their parents, and whatever baby shower she’ll have.  Lulu mentions the need for a bigger place, but Dante doesn’t think they need to move just yet.  Lulu feels helpless, and admits her jealousy over not carrying the baby herself. Dante reassures Lulu not to worry, because she’ll be the baby’s mother forever.

Spinelli catches Maxie singing to the baby, and claims she’s becoming attached to the little one.  Maxie’s annoyed by Spin’s talk, and takes it out on Mac when he stops by.  Spin apologizes, and understands how difficult it will be for her to hand the baby over to Lante.  Spin understands Maxie is falling in love with the baby.  

Duke tells Anna about meeting Ava, and Anna wonders if the last name is a coincidence. She warns Duke that he can’t get mixed up with the Jerome family again. Duke promises he would never do that again.  Mac and Felicia run into Duke and Anna.  Mac asks Duke to be his best man, while Felicia asks Anna to be her maid of honor.  The two agree to be part of the wedding, and have a celebratory toast.  

Luke’s rewatching Helena’s DVD, when Laura stops by his table.  Luke congratulates his ex-wife on her marriage.  Laura asks about Tracy, since Lulu mentioned running into them at the hospital. Luke assures her Tracy is fine.

Tracy drops by the lab, and asks Ellie for the results of Luke’s tests.  Ellie can only give the results directly to Luke, so Tracy calls him over.  Ellie tells Luke what’s in his system is Polonium 210. It is extremely radioactive, and has been used for weapon design.  She explains radiation poisoning is inevitable, although chelation therapy may help.  Luke doesn’t think the therapy will work, since Helena said the solution was not at the hospital. He leaves to find someone else who can help.  

Britt wonders about Sabrina’s whereabouts, and Felix gladly tells her Sabrina has been spending her nights with Patrick.  Felix lets a comment slip about the paternity test, and Britt realizes they are performing the test without her consent.  Felix tries to stop her, but Britt heads out to the lab.  

Sabrina wakes up with Patrick, and reminds him they need to get to the hospital to get the results of the paternity test.   Patrick agrees he needs to know if Britt is lying. Felix calls to warn them Britt is on her way to the lab.

Lucy sits down with Laura to discuss their new business venture, but Laura doesn't seem too enthusiastic.  Lucy gets upset when Laura backs out. She demands to know why. Laura has a different vision, and believes they need to think bigger. She feels they should focus on body wellness.   Lucy is thrilled with the idea. 

Britt gets to the lab, and angrily shouts she doesn’t want a test done.  Patrick tells her it’s too late, because the results are in. 

Maxie seems like she may confess the truth about the baby to Spinelli, when Lulu and Dante arrive to take her to her doctor’s appointment. 

Luke interrupts the happy toasters, and asks Anna for her help.