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Michael E. Knight Books Drop Dead Diva; Talks Eventual All My Children Return

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 Will he, or won't he? That's the $64,000 question fans have regarding Michael E. Knight signing back on with All My Children. TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan spoke with the three-time Daytime Emmy winner, who will guest star in an upcoming episode of Lifetime's Drop Dead Diva. Of course, amid Diva talk,  Logan asked about Tad the Cad! Check out an excerpt:


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TV Guide Magazine: Speaking of history, we gotta talk All My Children. Have you been watching?

Knight: Yes, and I'm just thrilled for those guys. I'm so happy it's now being run by Ginger Smith and that Agnes Nixon is back where she belongs. I wish them all the best. I've not seen a lot, but what I've seen I have loved. Debbi Morgan [Angie] and Darnell Williams [Jesse] are as amazing as ever. I love seeing Thorsten Kaye [Zach]. I really like the new Pete [Robert Scott Wilson]. I'm just so happy to see the show back in the hands of people who want to see it work, people who really care about it. I'm also very happy for the fans, who have been so patient and so damn loyal. I'm praying the show finds its niche, not just for everyone who works on it and loves it, but for the TV industry in general. Let's face it, internet programming is the future and that's where a lot of our favorite shows will wind up. But the person I'm happiest for is Aggie. This is her child, her legacy. AMC has so much of her heart in it and she's still fighting to make sure it has a place in this world. She so deserves success with this. No one in this business has affected my life as much as Agnes Nixon. I owe her everything. And God bless Prospect Park for having the balls to make this happen. This is pioneering stuff and they're figuring everything out as they go along. So I hope everyone will be patient. Give it time!

Knight also doesn't rule out the possibility of a Pine Valley return:

TV Guide Magazine: Would you entertain the idea of going back for a visit?

Knight: Oh sure, not only would I entertain it, I feel it's my responsibility to go back at some point, at least for a little bit, to explain what happened to Tad.

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