Colby is Pine Valley’s Newest Maneater on All My Children


Colby (Brooke Newton) tracked Petey (Robert Scott Wilson) to Jane’s Addiction and tried to sink her claws deeper into the Cortlandt heir. However, he wasn’t going to let himself get entrapped and asked if she was interested in being friends with benefits. David (Vincent Irizarry) interrupted their conversation, so Colby left. David later found her and the two shared a drink.

At the hospital, a groggy Cassandra (Saleisha Stowers) mumbled something about talking to Jesse (Darnell Williams) and then passed out. Everyone wondered what Cassandra was talking about. Luckily for Jesse, Dixie (Cady McClain) covered for him by saying the young woman was hallucinating.

Angie (Debbi Morgan) sat at her daughter’s bedside, crying over Cassandra’s pain. Dixie tried to reassure her that everything would work out in the long run.

Dixie told Joe (Ray MacDonnell) about Billy Clyde Tuggle (Matthew Cowles) scaring her. Joe said he’d talk to Tuggle, since Tad (Michael E. Knight) wasn’t in Pine Valley to do so. Joe went to confront Tuggle and warn him away from Dixie.

Petey returned to Cortlandt Manor to discover Opal (Jill Larson) packing up the house, because she had sold it. Petey tried to talk sense into his mother, but she said the house was too big for her by herself. Petey practically choked when Opal told him they’d now be neighbors.

The episode ended with David and Colby having sex. Boy-oh-boy does that Colby get around. She’s been in town for less than what a week and already bedded Petey and David. Apparently she likes her beefcake rare and well done. Is Colby Pine Valley’s newest maneater?

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When Miranda's (Denyse Tontz) teacher left the detention room, the other kids bullied her. Miranda left detention and rushed home.

AJ (Eric Nelsen) and Heather (Stevie Steel) were at Jane’s Addiction, when AJ found out Hunter (Daniel Covin) had Photoshopped a picture of Miranda and Heather. AJ got upset and stormed off to defend Miranda’s honor, leaving Heather by herself.  AJ found Miranda crying in his room. It’s as if he has a homing beacon embedded in Miranda.

Cassandra was hallucinating in the hospital and screamed out . Angie rushed to her daughter’s side, as David followed.

Colby showed up on the set of Talk Tempo, where Dimitri (Michael Nader) and Brooke (Julia Barr) were prepping. Brooke introduced Colby to Dimitri.

Colby to Dimitri: “Did you sleep with her too?”

Brooke: “Colby!”

I am now totally onboard with this Colby.  She is so much fun, even if she did throw a fit when Brooke and Dimitri said she could be one of his assistants.  Of course Colby stormed off in a huff. Spoiled rich kids are so much fun to watch on TV.

AJ faced down Hunter and his friends and warned them to leave Miranda alone. Hunter & Co. taunted AJ by saying he was in love with a lesbo. The scenes were so stilted, I found myself laughing at them. All My Children really needs to fix its teen storylines. Nelsen and Tontz are good actors, but these stories need major work. Billy Clyde Tuggle (Matthew Cowles) stopped AJ’s beating, by whipping a knife out of his pimp cane. 

Debbie Morgan was on fire, as Angie struggled to deal with everything that happened to Cassandra. Dixie continued to try and comfort her friend.

Dixie left Angie alone and then confronted David in the hall. She said Angie didn’t need his help. David shot back, saying Jesse wasn’t around and Tad wasn’t around for Dixie either.

The episode ended with Dixie reading Cassandra’s test results. I’m not exactly sure why she was reading them, considering she’s not a doctor or family, but she was.