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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Luke shows Anna the DVD, and she asks why he isn’t in the hospital getting treatment.  Luke informs her the answer isn’t there, but he needs her WSB contacts to help him find it.  Luke tells her Frisco has agreed to keep an eye on Cassadine Island.  Anna looks up cases of Polonium poisoning, and comes across information about Jerry Jacks being shot with a polonium bullet. Apparently, he needed 88 million dollars for the cure.  Anna points out Jerry is presumed dead, but no body was found.  Luke decides he’s going in search of Jerry Jacks. He asks Anna to stay behind and help him out from Port Charles.  

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Molly stops by to see TJ, because she knows he's concerned for her because of Danny’s condition.  She admits Danny is all she’s had on her mind, but TJ questions her comment. He confesses he saw her and Rafe kissing in the park.  Molly explains Rafe was supposed to leave that night, so it was a goodbye kiss.  Molly also admits the kiss didn't feel the same way as when she kisses TJ.  TJ apologizes for assuming the worst.  Molly asks if they’re getting back together.  She wants them to erase everything, and start again.  The two kiss and reunite.    

Rafe still worries Silas will take him away at any time.  Spin drops by to see Danny, and soon Silas shows up as well. Sam thanks Silas again, and informs him Danny is doing well on the drug protocol he set up.  Silas warns her that she shouldn’t celebrate, because he checked Danny’s lab results and the protocol might not work.  Silas advises Sam to prepare herself for Danny needing a bone marrow transplant. She should start looking for a match now.  Silas explains immediate family have the best shot of being a match.  

Taylor overhears Felix on the phone, and he’s forced to explain about Britt and the paternity test.  Taylor thinks they should all be arrested for going behind Britt’s back. Felix complains about Britt, while Taylor defends her.  Taylor admits she and TJ slept together the night of the prom, but is upset he hasn’t called her since.   Felix swears he’ll make TJ pay, but Taylor begs him to leave it alone.  

Britt goes on a tirade about laws being broken in order to get the paternity results, and demands Patrick hand them over.  Once he does, Britt rips up the results, and Patrick decides her actions are confirmation he isn’t the baby’s father.  Britt swears Patrick is the father, and is willing to do another test.  She says Ellie should already know the results.  Ellie confirms Patrick is the baby’s father.  Britt won’t report them, but believes it’s time for Patrick to accept she and the baby are part of his life.  

Lulu wonders why Maxie is so quiet at their doctor’s appointment, and asks if Spin said something to upset her.   Maxie assures her everything is fine, and they head in for the ultrasound.  The doctor asks about the gender, and Lulu decides she wants to know what they’re having.  Lulu and Dante are thrilled to learn they’re having a girl.  Once alone, Maxie is also processing the newfound information. 

Molly runs into Taylor, and tells her that she and TJ are getting back together.  Taylor spills she and TJ slept together. 

Britt gets a text from her mother congratulating her on everything working out.