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Jack Jellies His Teacher’s Doughnut on One Life to Live

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Jack (Andrew Trischitta) got a jelly doughnut for breakfast at the coffee shop, where he was lured away by a girl. She sat down at his table and proceeded to seduce him with the enticement of her warm Krispy Kreme. Needless to say, he went with herto do a bit of dunkin' in her doughnut.  Hope he used protection.

Tea (Florencia Lozano) woke up to find Hurricane Dani (Kelly Missal) sleeping on the couch. Dani told her mom about the uber dosage oxy pills. Tea told her daughter that all people made mistakes, but the important thing was to learn from them.

Natalie (Melissa Archer) and Bo (Robert S. Wood) continued to dig into a possible connection between Dani’s oxy pills and the ones that killed the young man. Bo later questioned Arturo Bandini (Paolo Seganti).

Jeffrey (Corbin Bleu) tried to get Matthew (Robert Gorrie) to look into who ias catfishing him. Matthew didn’t want anything to do with it. Jeffrey’s journalistic tendencies wouldn’t let the potential story get away.

Todd (Roger Howarth) got a call telling him Victor (Trevor St. John) had been tracked down to a motel room. He alerted Blair (Kassie DePaiva), who in turn contacted Tea. When Todd arrived at the motel, he found his man knocked out and Victor nowhere to be seen.

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Tea got a text from Victor telling her to call Todd off. She and Blair hustled off to find Todd. Tea ripped into Todd when they met up.

Clint (Jerry verDorn) sort of apologized to Viki (Erika Slezak) for what he did to protect Natalie, but she wasn’t having any of it. He told her he had some good news for her. When he revealed that he’d worked behind the scenes to get her money back, Viki didn’t believe him.  She told him she’d know if the five million dollars had been returned. He asked if she’d checked her brokerage account. Viki admitted she hadn’t and went to her computer.

I’d like to pause this recap for a second. Viki only has a few million dollars? What happened to her family’s vast fortune? I don’t believe for a second it was all tied up in The Banner.

Clint told Viki she could thank him for getting her money back, but Viki said she’d be in even more trouble if it was pulled out right before the fund was frozen. Clint then revealed Viki’s money never made it into the fund, because the business manager was too late. Viki still didn’t believe his story.

Matthew and Jeffrey confronted the redheaded catfish about all the stories she’d told Matthew to lure him in. The catfish apologized and did her best to explain that she liked Matthew, but was shy. Before they left the coffee house, Matthew offered to make a clean start with her.

The wake for the dead oxy girl was getting underway at Shelter, when Rama (Shenaz Treasury) realized the sugar daddy wasn’t the same man she’d seen the girl with in the VIP room. Dani told her she needed to tell Bo.

Jack looked at the clock and realized he had to get to summer school. Making an excuse, he rushed off to class. As he was settling in to his seat, the teacher walked in. It was the same woman who’d just tasted his glaze.