General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Carly goes to the Quartermaine mansion to take Morgan home, because she feels Kiki is a bad influence on him. She also doesn't want him around Franco.  Morgan tells his mother he knows about Michael’s rape, but is more upset Michael told Kiki first. He feels they were getting too close. Carly wants Morgan to find some compassion for what Michael went through.  Morgan refuses to go with Carly, but she reminds him she’s his mother and he’ll do as she says.   

Kiki is not happy to find her parents together. She’s even less thrilled when they tell her they’re getting back together.  Franco claims what he and Ava had all those years ago was special. Ava feels they need to put their family together. Then, she and Franco kiss.   

Molly thinks Taylor is lying about having sex with TJ. She explains to the girl she and TJ had decided to wait before having sex.  Taylor tells her to ask TJ.

TJ tells Shawn he and Molly are back together.  Shawn wonders about Taylor, but TJ brushes it off.  Shawn informs TJ that he owes Taylor an explanation for prom night. Shawn tells TJ to man up.  

Olivia asks Sonny to swear he had nothing to do with the shooting.  Lulu and Dante arrive in time to hear Sonny swear on his son’s life he wasn't involved in the shooting. Lulu tells them they’re having a girl, and Olivia is thrilled.  Lulu heads off to tell her parents.  Dante warns Sonny even though there was a second shooter; he knows Sonny and Carly conspired to kill Franco. Therefore, they are guilty of attempted murder. Sonny tells him to focus on who actually shot Olivia. 

Luke passes out in his room, where Tracy finds him.  Luke says it was just a dizzy spell, and he’s leaving to find Jerry.  He explains how Jerry had the same poisoning.  Tracy realizes she never got her money back, and Luke informs her the WSB never found it either. The missing money makes Luke think Jerry found the cure, and is alive somewhere.  

Sam tells Alexis that Danny may need a transplant, and Alexis is more than willing to get tested, as is Rafe.  Sam loves living with Alexis, and having her support. However, she's worried she’s in the way.  Sam wonders about Shawn, but Alexis tells her they are currently having issues. Shawn arrives, so Sam leaves them to talk. 

TJ runs into Molly and Taylor. Molly tells him what Taylor told her.  She demands TJ tell her Taylor made it up.  TJ admits he and Taylor had sex, and Molly runs off in tears.  Taylor swears she thought Molly knew. 

Lulu finds Luke and Tracy.  She’s worried about Tracy, who assures her that she’s medically fine.  Lulu informs them she’s having a girl, and both are thrilled.  Tracy admits Lulu was the daughter she always wanted, and is happy for her.  Luke gives Lulu a hug.  Lulu can’t wait for him to meet her daughter, and teach her many things. Lulu spots Luke’s bag, and wonders if he’s leaving.  Luke admits he’s going, but Lulu makes him promise he’ll be back in two months for the birth of the baby.  

When Lulu leaves, Luke tells Tracy he lied to his daughter. However, Tracy is sure he’ll find Jerry, get the cure and be back.  She also tells Luke she’s going with him. 

Kiki is disgusted by her parents' kiss.  Carly witnesses it as well.  Carly informs the Franco family she's taking Morgan home.  Franco swears he won't hurt Morgan, and Ava feels Carly is overreacting.  

Olivia tells Sonny she’s being discharged tomorrow, and Sonny decides she’s going to stay with him.  

Lulu tells Dante that Luke is leaving, but worries something is different this time.  

A crying Molly comes home and jumps into Rafe's arms.

Alexis wonders why Shawn is out of jail if he turned himself in.  Shawn tells her they need to talk.

Carly wants nothing to do with Ava, and feels Franco is a threat to Morgan.  Ava believes Franco is harmless.  Carly wants to take Morgan away.  Franco tells the kids to leave. He warns Carly if she doesn’t let Morgan stay, he’ll tell Morgan that Carly tried to kill him.