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SPOILERS: Sabrina Has a Proposal for Patrick on General Hospital


The Sonny Sandwich: With the obvious triangle heating up, will this help usher Connie out of Port Chuck?  Sonny gains a houseguest when Olivia comes to stay with him. Connie isn't convinced  her cousin isn’t into her ex-fiancé.  Could Connie’s hard fought for mental stability be in jeopardy due to jealousy?

Burn, Baby Burn: Who would want to burn a child’s baby doll?  When Emma’s doll goes up in flames, the easy assumption is that Britt did it, but did she?  Emma is not a happy, soon-to-be big sister. When Britt replaces the charred toy; will Emma let the Britch back on her good side? Doubt it. That kid is the ultimate judge of character.

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Sabrina has a proposal: Will the young nurse dare to suggest she and Patrick raise the baby by themselves and cut Britt out of the picture?  Sabrina feels Britt is not mommy material. Does Patrick have a proposal of his own?

A Princely rescue?  Nikolas and Spencer come across a lady in distress.  Is it a crying Britt?  There is some chatter surrounding Elizabeth worrying that Britt is no good for her friend Nik.  Is there a quad coming with Nikolas still very much wanting a reunion with Elizabeth despite AJ still lurking?  Think of the underlying connections these four have. 

Will Alexis have answers?  Sam sure will want them!  With Danny in need of marrow, Alexis may need to answer some tough questions for her eldest daughter. 

Speaking of Sam… Silas is going to share some of his tragic past with her.  Did Silas happen to know Ava before they both hit PC? 

RANDOM Rumors… Maxie is giving romance advice.  Shawn likes being Sonny’s muscle.  Kiki and Michael wind up in a compromising position. Will this cause a rift between the Corinthos brothers?  Ellie knows Britt’s secret, but is someone holding something over Ellie’s little red head?  Michael is being blackmailed.  Someone from the past pays Maxie a visit. Is there a GH “event” on the horizon?