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Dexter Recap: “A Beautiful Day”

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It’s been six months since Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) killed LaGuerta to save Dexter (MichaelC. Hall), and she hasn’t handled it well.  She cut herself off from friends and family.  Deb left the force to join a firm in the private sector, as a bounty hunter/PI.  She also seemed to be self-medicating with drugs and alcohol. 

Currently, Deb’s undercover with a violent burglar, Briggs.  She’s waiting for him to drop where he hid some stolen jewels.  She was also dating him, and had turned the assignment into a two-week undercover mission, instead of just calling the cops.

Deb insisted Dexter stay out of her life, which devastated the serial killer.  He’s worried about the downward spiral he caused in her life, and just wants to help his beloved sister. 

Dexter found out Briggs had stolen the jewels from the mob, and a hitman was coming after Briggs.  He went to warn Deb, who refused to go away with him.  She told Dexter she should have killed him instead of LaGuerta. 

Briggs overheard the argument, and came to Deb’s defense.  He got into a fight with Dexter.  Dexter grabbed Briggs’ knife, and killed him with one well-placed stab.  Deb was horrified.  She told Dexter to get lost because she was calling it in. 

Before the cops arrived, she stole a storage unit key off Briggs.  The mob hitman watched her from a distance, and now it appeared he would use her to find the jewels. 

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Besides Deb, Dexter’s personal life was going well.  At work, things quickly became complicated.  A new serial killer was removing a part of his victims’ brains. The killer took out the portion that controls empathy, which is the emotion psychopaths lack.

Miami Metro Homicide brought in a specialist, Dr. Evelyn Vogel (Charlotte Rampling).  Dexter was nervous she might catch on to him being a serial killer, especially when she brought The Bay Harbor Butcher up in conversation.  He tried to keep his distance.

Later, Vogel gave Dexter some disturbingly gruesome pictures a child had drawn of a murder scene.  They were pictures 10-year-old Dexter had drawn.  He angrily confronted Vogel, who calmly said he couldn’t kill her.  She didn’t meet Harry’s Code. 

Will Dexter have to neutralize a new threat to keep his secret identity hidden?

Elsewhere, LaGuerta’s death motivated Batista (David Zayas) to stay on the force. Now, he was lieutenant.  His sister, Jaime (Aimee Garcia), and Quinn (Desmond Harrington) were finally dating, but behind Batista’s back.  Meanwhile, Quinn was worried about Deb, and occasionally helping Deb with her cases.

What did you think about the premiere of the eighth and final season of Dexter?

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