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SPOILERS: Will The Truth Set Summer Newman Free on The Young and the Restless?

Michael/Lauren/Carmine: Things start to get very interesting with this trio. Paul watches Carmine flirt up a storm with a Lauren-bot and starts to wonder if the bartender is incapable of putting the Fenmore heiress behind him. Meanwhile, Carmine shoots Lauren a text to cajole her into resuming their affair. Will Lauren give in, or continue to focus on rebuilding her marriage and family?


Michael's potential client is charged with snuffing out her husband and his side chick! Will this case hit a little too close to home for the legal eagle? Carmine's obsession will intensify.  Watch for the sexy barkeep to the Baldwins some horrifying news.

Tyler/Abby: The two hit it off very well. What will Lily think about this?

Neil: Memories of the past flood his mind.

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Nick/Avery/Phyllis: When she catches the usually good-natured hunk being verbally abusive to his staff, Avery demands to know Nick's secret. Will Nick tell all? If he does, he better go into hiding, because Red is gonna be PISSED!

Summer: They say the truth shall set you free. Is Summer's Independence Day finally here?

Chloe/Billy/Victoria: After trashing his life even more, a messed up Billy gets advice from his big bro. Will Jack be able to help Billy repair his marriage to Victoria? Look for Chloe to continue to be a support system for her ex.