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How a Teen Terror Continues to Save The Worst Couple Ever on Days of Our Lives

NBC's Days of Our Lives continues to be 40 minutes of sudsgasmic fun. Jennifer Horton's (Melissa Reeves) devilish son, JJ (Casey Moss), is proving to be the best foil ever to Dannifer's "epic love story".


I no longer feel so compelled to fast-forward scenes featuring Reeves and Shawn Christian (Daniel) together. Now that JJ is doing such a bang up job keeping them apart, I actually find myself rooting for the couple. Imagine that!

Daniel and Jennifer's brief bursts of sexual passion have also gotten much hotter, likely because their relationship has taken on a forbidden aspect. The Widder Deveraux is as horny as a cooped up housecat for her hairy medic. However, she's torn because of his absolutely disastrous relationship with her troubled spawn.Throw in Jennifer and JJ's Aunt Maggie (Suzanne Rogers)—who also happens to be Daniel's bio mom—and you have another classic, multigenerational family saga for the Hortons.

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JJ follows in a long line of this upstanding, WASP clan's teen terrors. The very first episode of Days of Our Lives featured a 16-year-old Julie causing her Grandpa Tom (MacDonald Carey) distress, by shoplifting for attention. Who knew a kid being prone to taking five-finger discounts would still play so well in daytime almost 50 years later? Watch a recap video of Monday's episode of DAYS below.