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Can Jack and Nick Ever Be Friends Again on The Young and the Restless?

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Nick’s (Joshua Morrow) dirty, little secret about Summer’s (Hunter King) paternity is one of the biggest storylines The Young and the Restless has going at the moment. TV Guide Magazine’sMichael Logan caught up Peter Bergman and chatted about Jack’s reaction to the shocking revelation. Can Jack ever forgive his former stepson for this betrayal?

TV Guide Magazine: So how does Jack react to the good news-bad news?

Bergman: At first he's just gobsmacked. It's pure shock, because he's always felt a special connection to Summer. He really loves that girl and has long had a sense of envy that she was Nick's child. So, in that way, his dream has come true. But, then, he can't get to the bottom of things fast enough. How long has Nick known? How long has Phyllis? How many other people know about this? Jack has always had a soft spot for Nick. He helped raise the kid. He taught him baseball! I can't imagine them ever being friends or allies again. How do you get over that kind of deception?

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