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Pretty Little Liars Recap: “Face Time”

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Officer Holbrook (Sean Faris) had a new partner in Detective Tanner (Roma Maffia).  There was a very funny “meta moment,” as they surveilled the girls. 

She told Holbrook, “If I dressed like that when I was in high school, my dad would’ve had a stroke.”  Holbrook said he wouldn’t have minded, and she cautioned him about getting overly familiar with the pretty, little, liars.  Ha!

Spencer (Troian Bellisario) shocked her mother by revealing she didn’t get into the University of Pennsylvania.  Mrs. Hastings made Melissa (Torrey DeVitto) promise to try and get Spencer in for regular admission.

All the Liars were still suspicious of Melissa and wanted answers, so they planted a trap.  Spencer and Aria (Lucy Hale) lured a spooked Melissa to Hector’s creepy mask shop.  There, Spencer confronted her sister. 

Melissa revealed all the A-shenanigans were bigger than the N.A.T. Club, and “they” were all afraid of Wilden.  He was the one who set fire to the lodge that trapped the Liars.  Shana and Jenna had been spying and saw him do it, but it was someone else who saved the girls. 

Melissa only got involved with Hector because she, too, thought maybe Alison could really be alive, and wanted information.  Aria spoke with Hector, who said he still owed Alison money.  The night she died, she came in and took what he had. Then, she sped off in a black car with an unknown driver. 

Also, Melissa never wanted any of the Liars to get hurt, and had been protecting them all along.  It was Wilden who tried to kill Aria and Spencer on the Halloween train.  Spencer asked Melissa if she killed Wilden.  Melissa gave a non-answer, and just advised Spencer to drop it.

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While Aria and Jake were on a date, they ran into Ezra’s son, Malcolm.  This led Aria to awkwardly confess all about her student-teacher affair.  Jake realized she wasn’t over Ezra yet, and put their relationship on hold. However, he did leave the door open for them to possibly get back together.

Spencer helped Toby track down his mother’s old doctor, Palmer, at a new hospital.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t much help, since he was now a dementia patient.  As he was leaving, he did recall a mean blonde girl, who was trouble. She scared him and Mrs. Cavanaugh. 

Did Alison have something to do with the “suicide?”

Hanna (Ashley Benson) was even more convinced of her mother’s guilt after Caleb told her about the missing gun.  She tried buddying up to Tanner to get info, and hinted Melissa could be a suspect. However, it only made her and her mother come off as more suspicious. 

Emily’s (Shay Mitchell) doctor told her she had a partially torn rotator cuff.  If physical therapy didn’t work, she may need surgery.  She also wasn’t allowed to swim in the meantime, which meant no college scholarships.  Her parents were upset over how they would pay for college, and thought Emily was hiding something. 

They got into an argument, and Emily ran off to meet Paige.  Emily filled her gf in, who was supportive.  Emily didn’t know if she could handle never being able to swim again.  Paige was optimistic. 

When Emily returned home, the cops were there.  Someone, likely A, had called in a domestic disturbance.  They wanted to talk to Emily, and see if she was being abused at home. 

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