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Will Eric Get an Eyeful of Himself With Kristen on Days of Our Lives?

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Sami (Alison Sweeney) waited with EJ (James Scott) and Justin (Wally Kurth) for the grand jury’s decision. All three were ecstatic when she wasn’t indicted. Their celebration was cut short by the wife of the man Sami shot, who had been sitting quietly in the hall. She went off on Sami and threatened revenge.

Apparently Kristen wants a second career in porn production. She was busy editing the sex tape she made of her rape of Father Eric (Greg Vaughan). 

It turned out Kristen needs a lot more practice, because she got frustrated and called one of Stefano’s (Joseph Mascolo) contacts to help her. That Stefano has quite the rolodex.

Nick (Blake Berris) met Kate (Lauren Koslow) at The Brady Pub and gave her a flash drive. He claimed the contents would be better than the formula Sami and EJ stole.

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Kate was skeptical and made a snide comment about him being raped in prison. She then apologized for the comment, but Nick said he deserved it after everything he had done to Will (Chandler Massey).

Sonny (Freddie Smith) and Will argued with Adrienne (Judi Evans) about Sami. Adrienne was shocked to find out Sami wasn’t going to trial. Will and Sonny returned home, where Gabi (Camila Banus) was waiting impatiently. She was late for a meeting.

After Gabi left, Will went to pick up food, while Sonny watched over the little bundle of joy. Brent dropped by and during the course of the conversation asked if Sonny really wanted to be tied down in such an unorthodox living situation. Of course, Will returned about that time and overheard the question.

Gabi met with Nick, who revealed he was giving her an annulment. This way she'd be able to get married in a church again at some point.

Victor (John Aniston) dropped by Eric’s office with Ciara (Lauren Boles). As they were exchanging pleasantries, Nicole (Arianne Zucker) showed up. Eric got a text about Sami going free and decided to go find his sister. After he left, Victor quickly started giving Nicole a hard time. Victor told her he believed she was up to something!

Eric arrived at the DiMera mansion. Both Kristen and Sami had left their tablets on the table.  Sami told EJ to go get her tablet, so she could show Eric a video her kids had made for him. EJ unknowingly brought back Kristen’s tablet. Out of sheer “coincidence”, both Sami and Kristen use the same password, EJ’s birthday. As Eric was about to play the video, Kristen realized the tablets had been mixed up.