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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sonny has Olivia settled into his home. She’s not sure this is a good idea, and explains Connie may be feeling jealous. Sonny doesn’t understand why Connie would be jealous, since there is nothing going on between him and with Olivia.  Olivia seems upset at Sonny's comment.

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Lucy calls Milo to see if he’s interested in her offer of head fitness guru for Deception. Milo tells Max that Lucy offered him a job, and Max questions Milo’s loyalty.  He went out on a limb to get Milo the job, because he’s not capable of anything else. Milo becomes infuriated by Max's claim.   

TJ tells Shawn he and Molly broke up, because Taylor spilled the beans.  Shawn advises TJ to fight for Molly if he wants her back.

Molly is still upset TJ betrayed her with Taylor, and explains to Rafe how TJ ended up sleeping with Taylor.  Molly complains about how happy Taylor was to tell her what happened.  Rafe offers to spend the Fourth of July with her.  

Alexis tells Michael about Danny’s bone marrow transplant.  Michael is happy to get tested.  Alexis wants help in asking Kiki, since she doesn’t know her.  Michael doesn’t want to get involved, and Alexis thinks it’s because of Franco.  Michael admits Kiki isn’t responsible for what her father did, and agrees to talk to her on Alexis’ behalf.    

Morgan changed the boathouse into a bedroom for him and Kiki, so she wouldn’t have to stay at the house with her parents.  Kiki is thrilled, and the two kiss.  Morgan blindfolds her, and Kiki goes along with it until she starts thinking of Michael.  Morgan changes plans, and ties her hands up. Then, he heads out to get whipped cream.  

Sabrina tells Felix according to the DNA test, Patrick is Britt’s baby’s father.  Britt overhears, and declares she and the baby aren’t going anywhere. She believes they need to put it all behind them.  Sabrina agrees they need to deal with each other.  

Mac and Felicia ask Emma to be their flower girl, and she’s thrilled. However, she gets upset when they give her a baby doll.  Patrick tells her to apologize, but she yells she doesn’t want a baby brother or sister. Emma runs off into Sabrina’s arms.  Emma complains about the baby, but Sabrina says she needs to be a big girl and accept the baby as a part of Patrick.  Emma apologizes to Mac, and accepts the doll.  Patrick is happy with how Sabrina dealt with the situation, and the two say ‘I love you’. 

Britt commiserates with Taylor that despite the pregnancy, Patrick is still not interested. Taylor questions whether Britt got pregnant just to trap Patrick, but Britt simply points out sex doesn’t get you the guy.  Taylor understands, and explains where she stands with TJ.  Britt tells her to work on TJ’s guilt, and be the shoulder he needs after his break up with Molly.  

Lucy offers Felix a job with Deception, and asks him to be the head nurse.  Felix isn’t interested, because he’s happy being a nurse at General Hospital.  Milo overhears Felix say working at GH is a calling. Milo soon agrees to take Lucy’s job offer.  

Felix confronts TJ about sleeping with Taylor, and dumping her.  Taylor arrives, and informs her brother she can handle things. She tells TJ he made her feel like trash.  TJ apologizes, and Taylor tells him they'll watch the fireworks together.  

Shawn visits Sonny’s to tell him he needs to make a change.  Milo walks in, and announces he’s quitting. 

Britt shows up at the park to join the Scorpio-Drake’s picnic.

Michael arrives at the boathouse, and finds Kiki tied up in bed.