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Should Nikolas Explore "Nitch” With Britch on General Hospital? (POLL)

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On Friday’s episode of General Hospital, Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher) and son Spencer found the Britchtastic Britt (Kelly Thiebaud) in an emotional state in the park. This was after having BBQ'd Emma’s (Brooklyn Rae Silzer) dolly like a side of ribs at Famous Dave’s and being shunned by Patrick (Jason Thompson) once again.  The gallant prince that he is, Nikolas invited Britt to join them in watching the fireworks, to which she obliged.

A Faison and Cassadine romantic pairing could be hot. Imagine if Nikolas has to do terrible, un-princely things to save Britt from her manipulative mother and psycho father, only to realize he enjoys his darker side more than he believed possible! We’d get to possibly see more of Britt’s human side, as she tries pull him back from the brink of no return. They could become Port Charles’ next, great twisted power couple!

Would you like to see Nikolas and Britt paired together?

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