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Top 10 Moments From Teen Wolf Season 3 So Far!

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The clear successor to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, in the universe of spunky, supernatural teen dramas, MTV’s Teen Wolf is appointment TV.  There’s plenty of angsty-drama and death on Teen Wolf—especially according to this Top 10—but the serial is also one of the funniest comedies on television.  Amid shirtless hunks, star-crossed romance and Ian Bohen’s sassy Peter Hale, the soapy Teen Wolf creates endless memorable moments. 

Below, are 10 of the best from the current season.  

1.  Derek’s Sister Is Alive (“Chaos Rising”)

No, not Laura who died in the pilot, a different sister, Cora (Adelaide Kane).  Presumed dead in the fire that killed most of his family six years ago, Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) was shocked to discover Cora was being held prisoner by the Alpha pack. 


2.  Erica’s Dead (“Chaos Rising”)

Endearing shewolf Erica (Gage Golightly), last seen being kidnapped by the Alpha pack in the Season 2 finale, was confirmed dead.  Allison (Crystal Reed) stumbled across her rotting corpse when she went to help Scott (Tyler Posey) rescue Boyd (Sinqua Walls).  Here’s hoping Teen Wolf starts introducing witches who know how to resurrect the dead, ala Willow in Season 6 of Buffy


3.  Stiles’ XXL Problem (“Chaos Rising”)

After the girl he was going to lose his virginity to was abducted, all Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) was left with was one of her brother’s XXL condoms.  Later, it fell out of his pocket in the middle of class, and was noticed by everyone.  #Awkward 


4.  The Alpha Twins Duke It Out (“Unleashed”)

When you cast two, hot identical twins on your show, you're basically trying to cause your fan base's collective heads to explode.  Throw in a kinky-hot scene, where one twin beats the other to a bloody pulp, while his victim smiles with glee and Teen Wolf has inspired erotic fan fic for years to come — whether that was the intent or not!   However, Aidan (Max Carver) was only framing Isaac (Daniel Sharman) for Ethan’s (Charlie Carver) beating, or so they said.


5.  Danny Offers to Have Sex with Stiles (“Unleashed”)

Since some Druid threat had brought virgin sacrifices to Beacon Hills, Stiles knew his v-card was hazardous to his health. Desperate to remedy his situation, Stiles had a locker room freak out, while venting to BFF Scott.  Danny (Keahu Kahuanui) overheard and (jokingly, it turned out) offered to spend the night with Stiles.  Stiles, who’s straight, has always been very aware, dejectedly so, that gay friend Danny doesn’t find him attractive.  He was not amused to have his emotions toyed with!  (Also, LGBT representation on this show is the best, basically). 

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6.  Isaac Almost Bites Allison (“Unleashed”)

The Alpha Twins maliciously locked the claustrophobic Isaac in the BHHS storage closet, which prompted a PTSD episode about the physical abuse he suffered at the hands of his father.  Isaac lost control of his wolfy side and nearly bit Allison, who was trapped with him. Luckily, Scott burst in and rescued them, before she had a chance to become puppy chow.


7.  Derek Kicks Isaac Out (“Unleashed”)

In order to protect his Betas from the murderous Alpha pack, Derek needed to keep to himself.  Evoking Isaac’s abusive dad, he drove Isaac away and kicked him out of his apartment in the middle of a storm.  It was awful seeing Isaac in so much pain, but it wasn’t all bad.  Isaac promptly went to Scott’s, in a clingy t-shirt, and moved in there.  Cue the epic bromance shenanigans! 


8.  A Druid Murders Mr. Harris (“Unleashed”)

The acerbic, rave-loving, chemistry teacher, who has been the suspect of many shady goings-on in Beacon Hills, finally got his.  His last words hinted that he knew all about the supernaturals of Beacon Hills, and the motives of his killer.  Yes, this guy was a jerk, but his wit will be missed. 


9.  “I can’t believe it. I can’t believe Derek’s dead.” (“Frayed”)

So began Scott at the top of the latest episode.  Fortunately, viewers found out 40 minutes later this wasn’t the case!  After Derek and his Beta pack battled the Alphas, they thought they lost their leader. It turned out the wounded warrior was just lying low, until his new lady love, Jennifer Blake, could nurse him back to health. 


10.  Isaac Kicked Ethan's Ass (“Frayed”)

Isaac doesn’t really have anyone, except Scott.  After he learned Scott might be dying, he lost his cool, and began beating up the only Alpha around, Ethan. By then Scott had healed, and was the sole person able to get Isaac to regain control of his senses.  The mixture of horror at what’d he’d done, and relief on his face, after seeing Scott was okay, was a bit heart-melting.  (Also, did I say “bromance” before?  I think I meant romance.  The Isaac-Scott romance shall be epic!)

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