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Dexter Recap: “Every Silver Lining...”

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Vogel (Charlotte Rampling) sat Dexter (MichaelC. Hall) down, and told him how she knew all about his Dark Passenger.  When Harry (James Remar) suspected his son was a serial killer, he went to the renowned “psycho-whisperer” for advice.  She was the one that told him they could channel Dexter’s impulses into vigilantism. 

Thus, The Code was born.  However, after Dexter actually started killing people, Harry was horrified at the monster he created.  As viewers already know, this was the reason why Harry committed suicide shortly after Dexter started killing. 

Sure, it was convenient Vogel had all her sessions with Harry on DVD to back up her story.  Although, I don’t think I’d want to hang on to all that incriminating evidence! 

The Brain Surgeon killer (which is what Miami Metro dubbed the serial killer that liked to remove the empathy portion of brains from last week) struck again.  Vogel privately told Dexter she suspected the killer was a former patient, since she’d received a piece of brain at her house.  Gross.

Vogel wanted Dexter’s help in discovering the killer, and murdering him.  She didn’t want any of her unorthodox practices becoming known.  Dexter agreed to help Vogel.  However, his prime suspect turned out to be a victim of the killer himself. 

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Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) still wanted nothing to do with her brother.  She put her sleuthing skills to good use, and found the missing jewels. Before Debra could celebrate, the hired hitman stole them from her.  She tried to fight him for them, most likely to provoke him into killing her. However, he only killed when a paycheck was involved, and just gave her a beating until she stopped getting up. 

Later, Miami Metro was called to a murder crime scene.  The hitman had been shot repeatedly, and the jewels were nowhere in sight.  Dexter found evidence that proved Debra killed him.  He confronted her, and she asked him to cover for her. 

He was pretty judgmental about it, and Debra basically replied, “Really?! You’re a serial killer, bro.”  So, he removed anything linking Deb to the crime. 

All along Vogel had been expressing incredulity when Dexter mentioned the normal, human emotions he was experiencing.  After being wrong about the Brain Surgeon and destroying Deb’s life, Dexter was depressed. 

Vogel lovingly comforted him, and told him he was perfect.  Vogel was one proud Mama-Frankenstein!

Elsewhere, Batista (David Zayas) revealed to Quinn (Desmond Harrington) he knew he was dating his sister, Jaime (Aimee Garcia).  If he wanted his blessing, he needed to start thinking about the future and take the Sergeant’s Exam.  

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