Can Stafford and Bergman Keep Y&R's Paternity Pooper From Being Flushed? (VIDEO)

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It's moment of truth time in Genoa City. Today on The Young and the Restless, Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) blurts out her reasoning for attempting to seduce Jack's (Peter Bergman) son — she did it because Summer (Hunter King) is Jack's daughter. Yeah, I know. Little Timmy and Tabitha's capers made a heap more sense on Passions.  


Don't even get me started on Nick Newman's (Joshua Morrow) reaction to learning about Phyllis' stunt. I mean, Nick is cute and all, but sometimes I wonder if he knows he's on Planet Earth. Holy, non-reactions, Batman!

While it's sad to see a storyline that started with such huge, game-changing potential devolve into a head-scratching stink bomb, I have no doubt The Staff and The Berg will bring it as only they can. Watch a promo for today's Y&R after the jump!