Can Stafford and Bergman Keep Y&R's Paternity Pooper From Being Flushed? (VIDEO)


It's moment of truth time in Genoa City. Today on The Young and the Restless, Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) blurts out her reasoning for attempting to seduce Jack's (Peter Bergman) son — she did it because Summer (Hunter King) is Jack's daughter. Yeah, I know. Little Timmy and Tabitha's capers made a heap more sense on Passions.  


Don't even get me started on Nick Newman's (Joshua Morrow) reaction to learning about Phyllis' stunt. I mean, Nick is cute and all, but sometimes I wonder if he knows he's on Planet Earth. Holy, non-reactions, Batman!

While it's sad to see a storyline that started with such huge, game-changing potential devolve into a head-scratching stink bomb, I have no doubt The Staff and The Berg will bring it as only they can. Watch a promo for today's Y&R after the jump!