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Perkie's Observations: Ava and Silas Share a Past on General Hospital

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Ava is thrilled to see Silas, but he doesn’t seem as happy.  Ava says she’s living in town now as well, and wants to have coffee. Silas finally agrees.  


Brad catches Michael and Kiki kissing. He quickly realizes they are cousins and accuses them of incest.  He says he’d hate for this to come out.  Michael wonders how much money Brad wants, but he just wants Michael for one night.  Michael says he likes girls and has no intention of sleeping with Brad, no matter what.  

Carly wants to hire Spinelli to investigate Ava.  She’s curious as to why Ava and Franco would get back together.  She explains Morgan is dating Kiki and everyone is at the Quartermaine mansion. She’s worried for Morgan’s safety. 

Shawn lets Sonny know he and Alexis are no longer together.  Sonny wants them to deal with Franco and make him see reason. 

Sam tells Alexis about Silas’ new position at the hospital. Alexis is not thrilled, but Sam doesn’t care as long as Silas helps Danny get better. Sam mentions the list of people who need to be tested, including Franco.  She doesn’t care what Franco has done, she just wants help for Danny.

Alexis offers to talk to Franco. Sam asks her to take Shawn, but Alexis says they’re over. Shawn chose working for Sonny over her.  Alexis wonders how Sam lived with what Jason did.  Sam feels Jason was always honest and she just wanted to be with him.  

Franco is not happy Morgan moved down to the boathouse, since it gives him less time with Kiki. Morgan tells him Kiki is at the hospital for Danny. Franco gets angry no one asked him to be tested. Sonny arrives and sends Morgan away. 

Anna and Duke discuss Olivia’s shooting and how there is a long list of people who wanted Franco dead.  Anna’s upset the trail has gone cold.  Duke asks if she wants him to use his former connections to look into it. Anna wants him to keep his distance and continue to be someone she trusts.  

Ava and Silas arrive. Duke makes the introductions. Anna is curious why Ava would be with Silas, the brother of a serial killer.  

Spinelli agrees to take the job working for Carly. They notice Ava has arrived with Silas.  The two watch as Ava tells Silas they meant something to each other. Ava touches Silas’s hand, but he pulls away and storms off. Carly wonders about the touch, since Ava is supposed to be into Franco.  

Brad tells Kiki and Michael he’ll spill the beans about them to the first person who walks through the door.  Morgan arrives, looking for Kiki. 

Silas stops by to see Sam.  

Sonny tells Franco he’s there to talk. He warns if Franco lays a finger on anyone, retribution will be swift and terrible. Franco says he’s a changed man. He wants to spend time with his daughter before going to prison. Sonny decides to let Shawn deal with it.  Shawn beats up Franco.  Alexis arrives and witnesses it.   

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