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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Alexis stops Shawn from hitting Franco, and both Sonny and Shawn want her to butt out. Sonny won’t allow Franco to walk around without a care in the world.  Shawn reminds her of what Franco did to Sam.  Alexis doesn't think they should dispense vigilante justice whenever they please. She shouts if they kill Franco, they may end up killing Danny.  

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Alexis explains they’re testing blood relatives for bone marrow, and Franco, being Jason’s twin, needs to be tested.  Franco points out he hasn’t agreed to be tested, and wants to be asked.  Alexis asks, and Franco agrees.  Sonny still doesn’t understand why Alexis is protecting Franco.  Franco declares he's trying to right some wrongs. 

Morgan walks into the exam room, as Brad is saying he’ll tell the first person that walks in about Michael and Kiki. Michael deflects by saying Morgan is only his half brother, and can’t be tested. So, Brad goes along with the ruse, until he’s alone with Michael. Again, Brad threatens to tell people about Michael and Kiki's kiss unless Michael spends the night with him.

Silas wants Rafe to move in with him, immediately. Sam wonders why he’s being unreasonable once again.  Sam asks what’s bothering him, and Silas explains he ran into an ex-girlfriend. He goes on to tell Sam how badly things ended between them.  Sam asks what went wrong, but Silas deflects and asks to see Danny.  

Britt apologizes to Patrick about the doll, and gives him a new one for Emma.  He wonders why she’s not on bed rest, and Britt tells him she’s feeling better.  Sabrina snarks there probably wasn’t anything wrong with Britt in the first place, and Britt gets angry at the accusation.  She reminds Sabrina all her accusations have been proven wrong, and wonders why Sabrina is still kicking her while she’s down. 

Lucy informs Laura they have an investor who’s ready to sign the papers and front the money for Deception.  Laura’s upset Lucy is moving so quickly without her input.  Nikolas arrives as the investor, and Laura doesn’t want him to feel obligated to help her.  Nik believes it’s a good investment.  After he leaves, Lucy and Laura continue to argue until Scotty breaks it up. 

Ava gets back to the mansion, and angrily helps herself to a drink.  Tracy wonders why she’s all worked up, and Ava admits she saw an ex-boyfriend. Tracy wonders what Franco has done now, but Ava tells her it isn’t him. She explains how the relationship went down, and confesses to not handling their break up well. Tracy understands, and tells Ava a little bit about her and Luke.  Tracy thinks she and Ava make a good team. Tracy advises Ava to choose whose side she wants to be on.    

Britt runs into Nikolas, and explains she’s upset because she loves the father of her baby, but he loves someone else.  Nik understands, as he’s in a similar situation.  Nikolas offers Britt his card, and tells her to call him.  

Morgan gives Kiki the necklace.  She thinks he’s gambling again, and wonders where he got the money.  Morgan lies, and says he cashed in a bond.

Scotty wonders if Laura is overreacting with Lucy.  Laura admits she’s worried about Luke, because she thinks he’s sick and Tracy was covering.  Scotty offers to talk to Tracy, and reminds Laura today is the anniversary of their first marriage 34 years ago. He vows he’d do anything for her.  Laura apologizes to Lucy. 

Scotty stops by to see Tracy.  

Alexis takes Franco to the hospital. 

Silas examines Danny, who seems okay.  Sam explains it’s her brother Danny’s birthday, and feels sad she couldn’t prevent him from dying. She swears she’ll do better by her son Danny.  Silas assures her Danny will be fine once a donor has been found.   

Britt tells Brad he needs to run tests on her to prove she no longer needs to be on bed rest.  Michael overhears her say she helped Brad get his promotion.  When Britt leaves, Michael tells a worried Brad he’ll tell Monica what he overheard, unless Brad backs off.