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Kris Jenner on Daytime Talk Show: "I'm a Good Person, A Good Mom, and I Think Viewers Will See That"

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Momager Kris Jenner is ready for her close-up. The brains behind E!’s Kardashian reality series—as well as the family's multi-million dollar brand—is getting ready for her new daytime talk show, Kris. TV Guide Magazine’sMichael Logan recently sat down with Jenner and asked how she deals with all the shade thrown at her famous family. Here's an excerpt:


TV Guide Magazine: You have a lot of haters. How do you handle the downside of social media?

Jenner: By ignoring it. I've always told the kids, "Don't read the tabloids and don't go looking at that crap on the Internet!" But it wasn't until Keeping Up and the whole social-media explosion that I truly realized how many haters and bullies are out there. People feel entitled to sit on their couches in Iowa, saying hateful, hurtful things anonymously and with no accountability. All I can do is put out the best me possible. I'm a good person, a good mom, and I think viewers will see that. This is a tough world and I want to make it just a little bit easier, a little bit more fun for just an hour a day. When people watch my show, I want them to feel like they're sitting down with a dear old friend — one who has all the latest gossip!

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