Bee Stings, Frame Jobs and Sorority Party-Snooping on Latest Pretty Little Liars


Mrs. Hastings wanted to make sure Spencer (Troian Bellisario) still got into a good school.  Enter Brendan, an admission counselor for hire, who would rebrand Spencer from “the girl with a stay in a mental ward” on her record. 

However, all Spencer was interested in was figuring out who the mysterious “Board Shorts” was, who may have been Alison’s baby daddy.  Alison’s pet bird left them with a phone number,  an exchange that went to a nearby college, Cicero.

Emily (Shay Mitchell) was still dealing with her shoulder injury. She didn’t know how’d she pay for college, or who’d even want her if she couldn’t swim.  She cozied up to Brendan in hopes of improving her own chances of getting into Cicero.

Brendan took Spencer and Emily to an open house at Cicero.  The girls got into a huge fight because Spencer was obsessed with finding Board Shorts, while Em was taking the visit seriously. 

Spencer accused Emily of just using Brendan for help with college by flirting (she totally was!)  Emily countered by basically saying Spencer was a rich snob, whose parents could buy her way into any school.  They split up at a sorority party. 

Spencer went sleuthing, and found a secret room in the sorority house.  There was a phone. When Spencer called Aria, it showed the phone number the bird had led them to.  Judging by the claw marks on the inside of the door, someone had been locked in there once.    

Emily schmoozed with sorority sisters about scholarships.  The torture dungeon might have something to do with the sadistic house mother, Mrs. Grunwald.  What exactly was Alison’s connection? 


Aria (Lucy Hale) was again having family drama.  When her mom decided not go to Europe with her boyfriend, Aria accused her brother of being selfish, immature and of sabotaging their mother's love life.  Mike said she was the one being selfish.  She just wanted their mom out of the way so she could run around easier with her teacher-lover!  Yes, Mike went there, and Aria stormed off pissed. 

 A filled Ella’s (Holly Marie Combs) car up with bees!  It was a pretty horrifying scenario. She got stung several times, but was fine after a short stay in the hospital.  Later, Aria pleaded with her dad to convince Ella to go on the trip.  He felt weird about it, but tried. 

Hanna (Ashley Benson) believed her mother killed Wilden. She thought A knew, and that it was just a matter of time before the cops arrested Ashley (Laura Leighton). Hanna went snooping in her closet, and found the missing gun. 

She snuck out to meet Emily and Spencer at Cicero, so she could dump it somewhere.  Once she got there, the other two were wrapped up in their own dramas.  Hanna decided to bury the thing on her own.  Somehow, the cops knew to turn up and arrest Hanna just as she buried the gun.  Was that A’s plan all along?

Spencer and Emily were shocked as they saw Hanna led away in handcuffs. 

Best Scene:  Spencer trying to seduce the college nerd to identify Board Short’s number.  When he refused, she whispered “A Lannister always pays their debts.”  The nerd lowered his eyes and replied, “You would like the Lannisters!”  Now that’s a girl after my own Game of Thrones-loving heart!

Best Line:  “Puffy.” –Aria, to her brother Mike after he asked how their mom was doing after the bee attack. 

Photo credit: ABC Family