SPOILERS: Will Avery Give Nick Another Chance on The Young and the Restless?

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Avery/Summer: The legal eagle gets some stern advice from her niece — don’t dump her faux daddy! Seems Avery is still unnerved by Nick’s actions regarding Summer’s paternity and doesn’t know if she can be the third Mrs. Nicholas Newman. Summer cajoles her aunt to give Nick a chance and say ‘I do”. Meanwhile, Dylan eavesdrops on their talk and decides to find out what is going on with Avery.

Phyllis/Sharon: The two rivals have a heated exchange.

Billy/Melanie: The Abbott playboy and Siobhan from General Hospital team up to take Adam down.

Victoria/Chloe/Chelsea: The Newman heiress has a showdown with her husband’s baby mamas.

Abby: Her little talk unnerves Lily.

Cane/Lily: The Ashbys have a nice romantic evening together.