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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sam and Silas pay Heather a visit.  Heather is terrified of Silas, until Sam explains he isn’t Caleb Morley.  Sam informs her Danny may need a bone marrow transplant, and blood relatives need to be tested in order to find a perfect match.  Heather doesn’t agree to be tested. 

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Dante visits Olivia, and expresses his concern about her safety staying at Sonny’s.  Olivia swears Sonny is taking excellent care of her.  When Sonny arrives, he promises again he hasn’t touched Franco.  Dante gets a call about Franco being roughed up, and heads to the hospital.  

Kiki is happy to get a text from Michael that all is well, but is shocked to see Alexis bring Franco into the hospital.  She demands to know who did this to him.  Dante arrives, and wants answers as well.  Alexis tells them she found Franco, and brought him in.  Franco claims he ran into a door. Dante wonders if Sonny was involved, but neither Alexis nor Franco will admit to it.  After Dante leaves, Alexis asks why Franco didn’t spill the beans. He likes having something to hold over Sonny.  

Molly tells Rafe that Silas is the new Head of Oncology at General Hospital, and both are happy Rafe will be staying in town for good.  She’s glad he’s there to help her deal with everything having to do with TJ.  Rafe tells her that she should talk to TJ. 

TJ sees a spot of blood on Shawn’s shirt, but Shawn passes it off as ketchup. TJ asks about Alexis, and Shawn admits they broke up, because of his work with Sonny. Shawn promises his work for Sonny will not affect TJ. TJ realizes it isn’t really ketchup on Shawn’s shirt.   

Lulu overhears Maxie call herself "Mommy", in relation to the baby.  Maxie claims she saw Lulu there.  Lulu asks for help in naming the baby.  Maxie suggests the name Georgie, in honor of her sister.  Lulu feels Maxie should keep that name for when she has a daughter.  Maxie wants to tell Lulu something, but is interrupted by Connie.  

Connie needs help getting Sonny back.  Maxie questions the sanity of this, but Connie tells Maxie she spoke to her doctor about Sonny. While she’s not 100% mentally, she’s making progress.  

Olivia points out Sonny didn’t deny having Franco beaten up this time.  Sonny feels Franco deserved whatever he got.  Olivia admits she would do the same thing to anyone who would threaten her child, and promises she won’t turn him in.  Morgan calls and informs Sonny that Franco and Dante are both at the hospital.   Olivia and Sonny kiss, and decide to take things further. 

Sam confronts Heather with a list of Heather's sins against her and Danny. She believes Heather has tortured them enough.  Heather brings up the letter again, and takes the swab. She dips it into her water bottle.  Sam slaps her hand away, and Silas gets between them. He assures Sam that Heather will do as they want.

Kiki wonders if Morgan knows anything about what happened to her father, but he denies it.  Dante tells her Franco didn’t say anything. 

Lulu wants to take Maxie out for dinner, but she’s too busy, so Lulu leaves.  Maxie sees Georgie in Connie’s office. 

Olivia tells Sonny if they take their relationship to the next level, she doesn’t want to lie to Connie about it.  As they are heading upstairs, Connie arrives. 

Silas asks what Heather would want in return.  She has letters for Steven Lars, and wants better food.  Silas promises to deliver BLTs once a week.  Heather also wants another visit from Franco.  Heather allows Silas to do a cheek swab, and notes the irony if she turns out to be the one to save Danny.  

Molly and Rafe notice Danny has a fever, and is not well.  They call Sam and Silas.