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The Young and the Restless’ Catherine Bach Reflects on Husband’s Suicide

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In an interview with The Huffington Post, Dukes of Hazard icon Catherine Bach opened up about the suicide of her husband, Peter Lopez. The actress revealed how she's handled the emotional aftermath and how her role as Anita on The Young and the Restless helped her get back up and going.

It's such a blessing to have close friends.

Yes! They went through so much with me. And [as time goes on], you're more awake. You hurt more. It's like having a bad accident. The first part, you're in shock, and then you have to do some very hard work on yourself to go on because you don't feel like moving after you've been in a situation like this. You don't feel like doing anything.

I worked for CBS for years doing Dukes of Hazzard, and they called immediately, saying, "If there's anything you need, we want to help you." That's the kind of people they were. They all knew Peter. Then this last year, they said, "Hey, what about going back to work?" And I did it. I just sort of said alright, let's go have a meeting and we created this character (Anita Lawson on The Young and the Restless) and it has been so much fun. It's a challenge. It's like getting back up and going.

You know, I've done three films this last year too. This wasn't my plan at all. Peter and I had plans and I was just following along with that; I thought my career was not behind me, but not the first thing I was thinking about because we both realized that one big career in a family is enough. The other person has to take care of the kids and keep the home fires burning, and that was sort of my position. I enjoyed every single minute of watching my girls walk, run and go to school.

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